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Why People Are Falling Hard For TikToker Vinnie Hacker — Details On His Tattoos, Dating History & Family

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Vinnie Hacker

Vinnie Hacker, an 18-year-old TikTok star has been going viral for his sharp jawline and pretty eyes. There are certainly worse things to go viral for.

Hacker currently has 8.5 million followers on TikTok.

After winning a boxing match against YouTuber Deji last weekend in the YouTubers vs. TikTokers Battle of the Platforms, Hacker has been all over many people's For You Page on TikTok.

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

Here's what you need to know about Vinnie Hacker — including the all-important question: Does he have a girlfriend?

Hacker was born in Seattle and is a Cancer.

Before becoming a TikToker, Hacker, who full name is Vincent Hacker, edited short films and put sports highlights together for YouTube and Instagram. He also played baseball during his high school years.

Hacker grew up Catholic but hasn't shared much about his religious upbringing or beliefs online.

He currently resides in North Hollywood, California, as can be seen in his YouTube video titled "A Day in NOHO."

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Hacker's YouTube channel features his friends and the shenanigans they get up to during the day.

Until recently, he was also a part of Sway Gaming, a spin-off of the TikTok Sway House.

He announced he would be departing from the content house in January 2021, although in the comments, he was sure to tell fans, "i'll still be with them 24/7 don't worry."

His birthday is July 14, 2002, making the member of Gen Z a Cancer Sun sign.

Hacker is also an avid skateboarder with a major tattoo addiction.

Hacker has quite a collection of tattoos, including, at last check, a spider on his chest, "Vinne_Is_Hot" on his upper back just above a back tattoo of what appears to be an angel, a black spade on his lower abdomen and lots of snakes, skeletons and angelic ink on his arms, wrists and hands.

During an Instagram live in October 2020, Hacker said he wants his right arm to be "kind of like a spooky arm," and his left arm to be "like a cool, like a heavenly kind of arm, like angels and stuff."

At the time, he also said, "I want to get hand tats, but my mom... she's like no, you need to find a stable job. Blah blah blah."

But March 2021, he shared an Instagram post showing one hand that now features multiple tattoos, so it appears job stability is no longer much of a concern for Hacker.

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Who is Vinnie Hacker’s girlfriend?

Hacker doesn’t currently have a girlfriend (that we know of), although he does have at least one ex-girlfriend.

Back in November 2020, Hacker was rumored to be dating fellow TikTok star Faith Ordway.

However, after Hacker and Ordway posted a TikTok on Hacker’s page, Ordway was flooded with hate comments on her page — mostly from Hacker’s fans.

In response, Ordway tweeted, "I’m done with all the hate and people trying to put dirt on my name."

In a now unavailable tweet, Ordway even went as far as to say she’d quit TikTok because of how much hate she was receiving because she cared about Hacker’s image more than her own.

After many comments accused Ordway of racism, pointing out old racist tweets and TikToks, Ordway issued a now-deleted apology on Twitter, "I'll apologize anyway. I’m deeply sorry if I offended anyone, take the apology or don’t."

Hacker has denied rumors that he is dating Nailea Devora.

In December of 2020, Hacker posted a TikTok featuring Nailea Devora, a fellow YouTuber, TikToker and Instagram influence fans thought might be his next girlfriend.

In the video, Hacker was in the front seat of a car singing "Dead to Me" by Kali Uchis, while Devora sits in the back seat, lip-syncing the song as well.

Many fans commented that the backseat singer could be a new girlfriend, although one fan noted, "He's allowed to have friends y'all. Just cuz he's your imaginary boyfriend doesn't mean he has to stop having a social life."

Another commenter added, "Not every female Vinnie is around or near is dating him."

When asked directly if the two are dating in April, Vinnie said, "No. No no nah. She's just a really good friend."

Since December the only woman featured in his videos has been his mom, Maria Hacker.

In one of these videos, Hacker asks his mom, Maria Hacker, what she thinks about his tattoos, to which she points to her neck and gives one of those I'll-slit-your-throat-if-you-get-another-one motion.

Needless to say, she's probably not a huge fan of the TikToker's choices.

Maria works as a 911 dispatcher and his father is an electrician. He has one sibling, a brother named Reggie, whose TikTok boasts an impressive 101.3K followers of his own.

So is Vinnie single?

Probably, although it's unclear based on the fact that Hacker gets attacked in the comments every time he posts with a girl.

So shoot your shot, ladies. There's no time like the present.

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