Devon Lee Carlson Reveals New Boyfriend After Splitting From ‘The Neighborhood’ Frontman Jesse Rutherford

He's the grandson of Hollywood royalty.

Devon Lee Carlson, Jesse Rutherford Instagram

Devon Lee Carlson has a new boyfriend after splitting from longtime partner Jesse Rutherford last year.

The influencer and founder of Wildflower Cases appeared on a September 7 episode of “Call Her Daddy” alongside her sister, Sydney Carlson, and opened up about dating after her breakup with the lead singer of “The Neighborhood.”

Who is Devon Lee Carlson’s boyfriend?

Carlson is rumored to be dating Duke Nicholson, or Duke Norfleet, Jack Nicholson’s grandson. However, she has also been linked to Julian Casablancas.


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Carlson told “Call Her Daddy” host, Alex Cooper, that she is “exclusively seeing” someone she has been dating on and off since shortly after her breakup with Rutherford but did not drop any names.

But fans have been breaking down the clues.

Devon Lee Carlson and Duke Norfleet have been spotted together.

In a September 5 YouTube video, Carlson shared that she was going on a date along with two other friends. In footage of the date, Carlson is seen sitting next to Norfleet, 23.

Norfleet is also seen with Carlson in a recent video to promote her new collection with Realisation Par.


In August, Carlson, 28, was seen at a group dinner with Norfleet to celebrate his birthday alongside other friends, including Lana Del Rey.

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Aside from being the grandson of Hollywood royalty, Norfleet is best known as the star of Del Rey’s “Norman Rockwell” music video.

In 2020, Norfleet was previously rumored to be dating Bella Hadid, one of Carlson’s close friends, though sources later denied the claim.


Norfleet was reported to have joined Hadid on her 2020 birthday vacation, which Carlson also attended though she was still in a relationship with Rutherford at the time.

Devon Lee Carlson and Julian Casablancas sparked dating rumors earlier this year.

Carlson, who also joked with Cooper that she typically only date musicians, was seen hanging out with the frontman of “The Strokes” in July.



Casablancas, 44, shared a now-deleted Instagram post with Carlson while on a trip to Barcelona. He also appeared briefly in the model’s YouTube vlog documenting her trip.

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson broke up in 2021.

The couple, who dated for six years, sparked breakup rumors in November 2021 after Carlson removed “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok bio and deleted several Instagram posts with him.

The pair had not interacted on social media since Carlson shared a birthday post for Rutherford on August 21, 2021.


Neither publicly spoke about the breakup until Carlson’s “Call Her Daddy” appearance where she mentioned that she was in a public relationship for “a very long time,” without naming Rutherford.

“We had the most mutual breakup ever,” she added.

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