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Meet Caroline Polachek's Boyfriend — Who Fans Theorize Is Heavily Referenced In The Singer's New Album

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Caroline Polachek, Matt Copson

Following the release of Caroline Polachek's highly-anticipated album "Desire, I Want To Turn You," fans are now keen on details surrounding the singer's love life.

Polachek, 37, has steadily gained a dedicated fan base since she rebranded to her birth name in 2019, after previously performing sets and making music under the stage name, Ramona Lisa.

The 'Hit Me Where It Hurts' singer already has a few impressive accolades under her belt, including touring with Dua Lipa, collaborating with Charli XCX, and co-writing the song, 'No Angel,' alongside Beyoncé for her 2014 self-titled album.

While Polachek's music career continues to flourish, it's the singer's private life and her relationship status that have captured her fan's attention as they search for clues about the singer's boyfriend in her new album.

Who is Caroline Polachek's boyfriend?

Polachek has been in a relationship with Matt Copson since 2017, which was first revealed in a 2021 profile with The New Yorker.

Polachek's boyfriend, Matt Copson, is a British visual artist and director.

Copson, 28, splits his time between London and Los Angeles and has collaborated with and directed several of Polachek's music videos for nearly four years.

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While Copson and Polachek have worked together professionally since 2019, the pair started seeing each other roughly two years prior. 

Copson originally on the visuals of Polachek's debut album and combined it with his personal art style which is apparent in the musician's promotions, photos, videos, and more.

According to Cultured Mag, Copson's animations were shown at Art Basel in September 2022, and is also working on projects such as an opera at the Royal Opera House, which will premiere in 2023.

Polachek was previously married to artist Ian Drennan.

Before the singer's current relationship with Copson, Polachek was married to singer Ian Drennan.

Drennan and Polachek married in 2015 at the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, on Staten Island., and their ceremony was even included in Vogue's '15 Most Stunning Fall Weddings,' in an October 2016 spread.

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However, by 2017 the two had called it quits.

While speaking to The New Yorker, Polachek admitted that her divorce from Drennan took a toll on both her mental health and her life in general.

“My mother very much disapproved, and my friend group was sort of split by it,” Polachek told the publication. However, the emotional weight of her marriage ending allowed her to focus heavily on her music.

“But I was feverishly compelled by the music, and in love with it,” she continued.

Polachek and Drennan's marriage ending ultimately pushed the singer to write about her breakup, while her burgeoning relationship with Copson produced some of her most impassioned music in the journey of her solo musical career.

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