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Jack Harlow's Song About Dua Lipa Seems To Have Worked — They're Reportedly Dating

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Dua Lipa, Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow's "Dua Lipa" became a certified hit for the rapper when it dropped back in May, going on to garner Harlow another certified-gold track.

It also seems to have won him a new romance—with the subject of the song herself.

Are Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow dating?

According to sources, Lipa and the 24-year-old rapper behind hits like "WHATS POPPIN" and "First Class" have been spending lots of time together, and were recently spotted out in New York.

Lipa, whose hits include "Levitating" and "Break My Heart," was previously believed to be dating "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah after the two were spotted making out in public back in September. 

Seems she's now playing by "New Rules," if you will.

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Harlow and Lipa have gotten close after he first reached out to get permission to title a song after her.

Harlow's song about Lipa, which appears on his album "Come Home the Kids Miss You" he released earlier this year, is about hoping to one day have a relationship with her. 

Ever the gentleman, Harlow called Lipa to get her permission to put out the song—a conversation that got kind of weird.

After all, the lyrics to "Dua Lipa" are probably a little bit awkward if you're the subject of them. 

A dude telling you he's "tryna do more with her than do a feature" and rapping about having his personal trainer "turnt these motherfu--in' pecs up" for you? 

Yeah, kinda cringe. As Harlow described at the time, Lipa "was just kinda thrown off and she just kinda let it go.”

But he added that he thought Lipa might "grow to appreciate" the song once it came out—a prediction that seems to have panned out.

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Harlow attended Lipa's performance at New York's Z100 Jingle Ball last weekend, and they were spotted out together afterward.

According to sources, Harlow traveled to the performance specifically to meet Lipa, and it seems to have worked. 

The two were spotted out together in New York's Meatpacking District having lunch together the following day—and definitely seemed like they didn't want to be noticed. 

The source reported that the pair entered the restaurant through a private entrance, and were trying to blend into the crowd while they dined.

But of course, that's no small task for two of the biggest pop stars on the planet, so they quickly scrambled out through separate exits hoping to avoid detection.

Not exactly the actions of two people just having a casual, friendly lunch together, right?

But the source claimed Harlow isn't going to let the incident hold him back.

“He is going to do his best," the source said, "as he has always been a fan of her.”

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Many are speculating that Lipa's lunch with Harlow spells the end of her romance with Trevor Noah.

News of a link-up with Harlow has come as a surprise to many fans given how hot and heavy she and Noah seemed to be earlier this year.

Noah and the 27-year-old pop star were spotted having a pretty intense public make-out session back in September while dining out together. 

A source close to the singer at the time said Lipa "had an amazing time hanging out" with Noah that she "definitely sees potential and thinks they have great chemistry.”

And the two flirted pretty heavily when Noah joined Lipa's "At Your Service" podcast the following month, during which Lipa rhapsodized about all the reasons people "gravitate" to the 38-year-old comedian.

“You are obviously very funny,” she was heard saying, going to add, "I think that’s also a big reason why people gravitate to you.”

So are Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow actually dating? Only they know whether they're actually getting "Physical" or they're just each other's "Side Piece."

Either way, this is one pair sure to have lots of fans hoping for a duet.

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