The Exact Moment Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval First Hooked Up On 'Vanderpump Rules' Revealed

Inside the 'trashy,' 'sadistic' Guys' Night details leaked from the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion set.

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Even as new details about the affair between "Vanderpump Rules" stars Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval seem to come out every day, one important question remains a mystery—exactly when and where did Raquel and Tom Sandoval first hook up?

We know it began sometime around the infamous "Guys' Night," but we've never known the specifics—until now, that is, because two podcasters think they've sussed out the full answer. And it is nothing short of shocking.


When did Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval's affair begin?

Podcasters say they know when and where Leviss and Sandoval first hooked up, following leaks from the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion shoot. "VPR" alum Lala Kent has infamously told us to "just wait till you hear what happened on Guys' Night," and she was not lying.

In a recent episode of their podcast "Reality Bites," hosts JJ and Betsy shared the intel they got from the "VPR" reunion set about when and where Raquel and Tom Sandoval first hooked up. Here's a hint—the episode of their podcast is called, "Sex, Lies and a Lincoln."

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According to leaks, Raquel and Tom Sandoval first hooked up on 'Guys' Night' in 2022.

As JJ and Betsy point out in their podcast, the specifics and the timeline have been hazy—until now, that is. "I was given some details about that night that would lead me to believe that if there's a timeline, it did start on Guys' Night," host JJ claimed.



In case you need a catch-up—"Guys' Night" went down at Skybar in Los Angeles' Mondrian Hotel when Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, James Kennedy, Scheana Shay and her husband Brock Davies decided to have a celebratory night out while fellow castmembers Katie Maloney, Lala Kent, Ariana Madix, Charli Burnett and Raquel Leviss had a girls weekend in Lake Havasu, Arizona to celebrate Maloney's and Tom Schwartz's divorce.

Madix had to rush home the first day of the trip because her dog was dying and had to be put down unexpectedly. Shortly thereafter, Burnett and Leviss abruptly left early as well due to conflicts erupting between Leviss and the other girls. 


After driving back to LA, they "crashed" Guys' Night at Skybar, creating one of the moments that now strikes "VPR" fans as suspicious—Sandoval seemed to be trying very hard to act shocked by Leviss's appearance at Skybar, but his unconvincing performance has fans certain it was all premeditated. 

After Guys' Night is apparently when all the drama began. 

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Raquel and Tom Sandoval first hooked up on 'Guys' Night' in Ariana Madix's car—while she was dealing with her dying dog.

As JJ reported on the podcast, Sandoval drove Leviss back to her car after their night out at the Mondrian. Her car was parked at Sandoval and Madix's house for reasons unknown. It's also unknown why Sandoval was using Madix's Lincoln sedan that evening rather than his own. 


"So he drives her back to her car, which is parked at their house," JJ said, going on to drop the bombshell—"They have sex… Dead serious. They have sex in the car."

If you're shocked by this news, you're not alone—JJ's co-host Betsy couldn't believe it either. "Wait, Tom and Raquel are having sex in the car in front of Tom and Ariana's house?!" To which JJ responded, "I'm dead a-s serious, I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't true."

The fact that Sandoval and Leviss were hooking up after Sandoval and Madix's nine-year relationship is explosive enough. But to now know it was happening in Madix's car, while she was reeling from having to put her dog down? Well, fans are understandably losing it. 

"I would have to fumigate the car and then instantly sell it because that’s gross," one fan exclaimed on Instagram. "Isn’t that the same day the dog passed away or the next? That's so sad and disrespectful on Ariana," another added.


But some aren't convinced this was the actual beginning of the affair. As one fan put it, Sandoval and Leviss' level of "brazen…only comes after you’ve gotten away with it dozens of times before that. They want you to believe that’s when it happened for the first time. It really happened long long before that. I will die on this hill."

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'Vanderpump Rules' has been plagued by production leaks since 'Scandoval' erupted. 

It's possible this is all just rumor and innuendo, and JJ went on to clarify that she's willing to say it's "98% true just to give a little bit of room" for the story to change down the road. But she says she heard these details "on good authority."

"Vanderpump Rules" has been rife with leaks, so much so that the cast were forbidden from having their phones with them during the reunion taping because Bravo execs were concerned the leak was someone from within the cast.


However former cast member Kristen Doute, no longer under contract to Bravo, has been quite outspoken about "Scandoval," so some fans theorize that she is in fact the leak providing all the juicy details. 

Whether "Guys' Night" was indeed the start of everything or not, a driveway hook-up between Sandoval and Leviss while Sandoval's wife was upstairs grieving the death of her dog? As JJ put it, "it's so trash… it's so sadistic." Perhaps this is why a fight nearly broke out during the reunion taping? 

One thing is for sure—this is gonna be one hell of a "Vanderpump Rules" reunion when it finally airs in April or May 2023.


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