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Francesca Farago Clarifies Her Relationship Status With Her Boyfriend As She Appears On Netflix's 'Perfect Match'

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Francesca Farago, Jesse Sullivan

Following the premiere of Netflix's new reality dating show, 'Perfect Match,' fans were surprised to see Francesca Farago on their screens.

Farago previously appeared in the first season of 'Too Hot To Handle,' which ended in her and Harry Jowsey becoming a couple, though the two broke up shortly after in June 2020.

Now, Farago has returned to the reality show stage to find love once more on Netflix's new dating show, which brings back all-star alums from their previous series, including 'Love Is Blind,' 'The Circle,' and 'Too Hot To Handle.'

Farago's appearance on the show has confused many of her followers, who wonder if she was single during her time filming the reality series since she has been in a relationship with TikToker Jesse Sullivan.

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Did Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan break up?

As of the current moment, Farago, 30, and Sullivan, 33, are still in a committed relationship.

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan are still together and have been dating since after 'Perfect Match' was filmed.

Since the premiere of 'Perfect Match,' which debuted on February 14, Farago has addressed her current relationship status and debunked claims that she wasn't single when appearing on the show.

In a TikTok video, Farago admitted that when she filmed 'Perfect Match,' she had been single and that when filming reality shows, it often takes over a year for them to be edited and released.

"Me explaining how I'm in a dating show that came out today and I was single during filming, and that some shows take over a year to be edited and air," she wrote in overlay text.



"Yes, I'm in a happy relationship now, but no we weren't together during filming, yes we've been together for a long time and are very happy and in love."

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Farago revealed that Sullivan refuses to watch her on 'Perfect Match.'

In a February 2023 interview with Variety, Farago revealed that Sullivan finds the idea of watching her on the reality show a bit "uncomfortable."

"My boyfriend isn’t watching. I wasn’t planning on watching. I’m so in love with him. It’s crazy how good we are all the time, 24/7, so I was like I don’t want to watch it just because it doesn’t interest me," she told the publication.

Farago acknowledged that having her boyfriend watch her flirt and date other people "is a little uncomfortable" for them.

"At the end of the day, I was single during filming, and he’s very aware of that — and he’s very supportive."

Farago continued, saying that when the trailer for the series was released, Sullivan abruptly left their house, and while she thought he had gotten upset, that hadn't been the case at all.

"He comes back with roses and a little note saying he was so proud of me. He’s just so supportive. He’s not going to watch it, but he’s very supportive."

Despite not watching the show, Sullivan did post a cheeky response to all the rumors surrounding his and Farago's relationship, uploading a photo of them with the caption, "Found my perfect match."

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Farago and Sullivan have been together since 2022.

The casting and filming process for 'Perfect Match' is a bit murky, with many saying that the casting process started in November 2021, with filming following shortly after in early 2022.

However, Farago and Sullivan didn't meet until the summer of 2022.

In a January 2023 interview with Elite Daily, Farago told the publication that she and Sullivan met for the first time during Pride Month 2022.

"Last year, TikTok hired me to host an event for Pride Month. It was over Zoom," she explained. "It was a TikTok live event with Willow Smith and the app’s LGBTQ+ Trailblazers."

"I interviewed three people and Jesse was one of them. We met on Zoom and just fell in love very quickly."

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