What Your Second Favorite Color Says About You — And The Shadow Work You Need To Better Yourself

You may need to work on a few things.

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TikToker Staci Luna, who is a certified tarot reader, created a video all about what your shadow work color means and how to harness it to create positive change for yourself.

These insights may help you transform those deep, dark parts of yourself into your most glowing traits!

What is your shadow work color?

Your shadow work color, according to Luna, define what part of your shadow self needs healing. 


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“Think of your favorite color, now think of the next color that pops into your head,” Luna says. “That’s your shadow work color.”

Shadow work is a ritual meant to heal your “shadow self.”

Your “shadow” can be that judgmental part of yourself, or insecure part of yourself, or just a part of yourself that you wish wasn’t there at all. 

The idea of shadow work is to bring all those unwanted parts to the surface in a way to purify and heal yourself, showing you the parts of yourself that need more work as well as more self-love. 


What does each shadow work color mean?

In Staci Luna’s video, she breaks down potential shadow work based on whatever color comes to mind after your favorite color.


Your shadow work is to continue out of materialism. Let go of keeping up appearances and continue to ask yourself what soul purpose is validated with materialistic items.

For example, a home in a perfect neighborhood that brings you daily joy is not materialistic but designer bags do not equal self-worth.

Debt may also be an issue holding you back.


This is the color of deep ancestral and generational karma that may stem from abuse. It is one of the most difficult shadow work colors.


You need lots of healing to improve your self worth and to avoid choosing people who hurt you.


Your shadow work is that you hold deep-rooted shame and it can lead to sexual issues.

You may also be struggling with generational karma around addictions and compulsive behaviors.


Your shadow work is to control your ego and arrogance. You are often called bossy and tend to be judgemental.

Try to practice more love and understanding within yourself.

These issues may stem from feeling powerless or feelings as though you don’t bring any value to situations and don’t speak up.


Your shadow work is that you can be envious, jealous, and competitive. Remember and remind yourself that we are all in different stages of our journey.


Stop people-pleasing because you don’t feel like you have value. You have so much to give and need to learn to love yourself and accept yourself for all the past karma you are dealing with.

Light Blue

It’s extraordinarily difficult for you to navigate change. Anxiety and worry seem to be your biggest nemesis.

Your shadow work self needs control to feel safe. You can be both cautious and persistent, confusing people and yourself.

Try to think things through and be patient with yourself when making decisions. You want to learn to let go and trust. This will take a lot of shadow work.


Your shadow work is to think before you talk. You are a bubbly communicator but sometimes talk more than you listen.


Remind yourself you don’t always have to say everything you are thinking.

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Your shadow work is to not be afraid of your spiritual gifts. You are highly intuitive and a certain old soul.

You have been casting spells from a young age. Learn how to control and use your gifts. Learn how to avoid absorbing others' energy or open yourself up to a psychic attack.


Your soul hates all the materialism that your shadow loves and craves simplicity and purity in life.

Your shadow work is to let go of drama, walk away. You are working hard to wipe out past trauma and feel like maybe you started collecting things and valuing image as a way to heal.


You deeply want to correct that and will over time, creating a peaceful and stress-free lifestyle.


Your shadow work is dealing with crippling self-esteem issues. You attempt to combat them by being guarded and hard to get to know.

People have let you down and it’s hard not to blame yourself. Remember always what others think about you is none of your business and you have so much value.


Your shadow work is to put yourself before others. You are heart-centered, can be codependent, and a people-pleaser.

Remember you are a gift to be cherished, anyone would be so lucky to have you in their life. No need to overcompensate because of agreements you made about yourself as a child. Let that go!


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