What Beyoncé & Jay-Z Pay The 8 Nannies They Hired To Care For Their 3 Kids

They take the care of their children seriously.

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Considering they’re one of the most powerful, wealthy, and busy couples in the world, Beyoncé and Jay-Z need a little help when it comes to the most important job of all — parenting.

With only three kids — Blue Ivy, 10, and twins Rumi and Sir, 5 — you wouldn’t expect them to have a team of eight nannies ready to take care of them all at a moment’s notice, yet they do.

Fortunately, it pays to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and when it comes to their kids they don’t skimp out.


How much are Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s nannies paid?

It was reported by Marie Claire UK in 2017 that each nanny makes approximately $100,000 a year, which calculates to about $51.28 an hour if they all follow the same 40-hour work week.

The family reportedly has eight nannies — three assigned to each of their younger children and two for Blue Ivy.

When twins Rumi and Sir were born, Beyoncé and Jay-Z tacked on six more nannies to their team, adding to the two that Blue Ivy already had watching over her.

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According to the report by Ok Magazine, via DailyMail, the reason behind the extra nannies had to do with the children’s sleep schedules.

“The twins don't sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight-hour shifts,” a source revealed to the publication.

At that point, Blue Ivy was five years old, so she likely required less around-the-clock care than a newborn baby would.

Now that baby Blue is all grown up at 10 years old, it’s unknown if she still requires nannying or if the now-5-year-old twins have been relegated to two nannies.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s nannies also have to follow a strict set of rules.

Being one of the most powerful couples on the planet (who also rake in the dough) gives you some liberties to request the best from your nannies.


For instance, The Things reports that the nannies should be bilingual with a slight preference for French-speaking nannies.

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The reason behind this is that Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, has a son named Julez who is also bilingual since he has a French father.

Although they’re primarily based in LA where they can do their business, they also require that the nannies are familiar with the Brooklyn area since that’s where Jay-Z was raised, Solange lives and they often go to visit.

All of these rules, and more, however, exist inside of a handbook specially written by Beyoncé herself titled “The Daily Program for Blue Ivy as per Mrs. Carter.”


The handbook, written for nannies, details everything they need to know in order to take care of Blue Ivy and Beyoncé requires that they read it and sign it at the end to show their understanding.

It’s unknown if there’s a volume two for Rumi and Sir, but judging by the fact that the twins have been bolstered by an extra pair of nannies, we can certainly guess that the sequel is longer than the first.

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