Why Fans Think Wednesday Addams Is Gay — And Believe Netflix Is Trying To Hide Their Theories

She's already a queer icon — but is she actually gay?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Emma Meyers as Enid Sinclair Netflix

After months of anticipation, Tim Burton’s "Wednesday" is finally out for viewers to see on Netflix. 

So far, the show has been received well with even people praising breakout star Jenna Ortega’s performance as the beloved main character — adapted from the TV series and film, "The Addams Family." 

But others have taken to social media to slam the show for what they deem as queerbaiting between the two main characters — Wednesday and her roommate, Enid. 


Spoilers below for Netflix’s 'Wednesday.'

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Is Wednesday Addams gay?

While Wednesday's sexuality has never been explicitly stated, she is larger theorized to be a member of the LGBTQ community.


Wednesday Addams has been described as a queer icon.

At a promotional event to celebrate Netflix's new series, drag queen Crystal Methyd hinted that Wednesday's personality in the many adaptations of her character hints at queerness.

"Wednesday Addams is a queer icon because at her core, she revels in being an outsider, Methyd stated.

"As part of the Addams, she lives apart from mainstream culture. Instead of being shamed by the differences between her family’s way of life and that of society at large, she embraces what makes her different. She stands up for marginalized groups and faces bullies with an unflinching calm that any queer would be proud to emulate."

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Fans think Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair may have feelings for one another.

Burton’s take on the well-known character has Wednesday attending Nevermore, a dark and foreboding school that she tries to navigate through. Early on we meet Wednesday’s roommate Enid Sinclair (played by Emma Myers), a bright and cheery character that immediately sets off Wednesday’s cold demeanor. 

Enid seemingly helps Wednesday get out of her shell, constantly helping her whenever she needs to help unravel the mystery that is Nevermore. 

Immediately fans were quick to pick up on a few hints that the two had feelings for each other, deeming the two ‘Wenclair’ for their ship name. 

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From lingering stares to hugs that last a little too long, fans believe Wednesday and Enid are gay. 

Furthering the theory, Wednesday is introduced to two male love interests but fans noted how it seemed like she wasn't too interested in them. 

Fans also believe Enid’s character itself is an allegory for somebody being in the closet. Enid is a werewolf who isn't able to "wolf out" — meaning she has not fully developed. She fears she will never find a mate.


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She goes on to tell stories about how her mother would send her to camp to try to help her be ‘normal,’ which many fans feel is a metaphor for conversion therapy camps. 


But it seems like it’s not just the fans who believe the two might be falling for each other. 

Enid’s actress herself, Myers, has seemingly alluded to her being in support of her character having a relationship with Wednesday. 

In an interview with Elite Daily, Myers shared how she and Ortega were well aware of how fans wished the two to get together — and she seemingly supports it.

“You know what I always say, and they were roommates”, she said, referencing a popular meme among the community indicating two people are obviously romantically involved.

“Jenna and I would say that all the time to each other. And that’s all that needs to be said — I think that gets the message across.”


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Netflix is seemingly hiding fan theories about Wednesday Addams' queerness. 

Despite the fact that many are all aboard the Wenclair train, fans started to notice that Netflix was hiding Twitter replies talking about Wednesday’s sexuality. 

Now, fans are saying the streaming service is queerbaiting — and they might be right. 


To help promote the series, Netflix hosted a ‘WensGay’ party that hosted drag queens dressed in their best Wednesday Addams attire. 

Fans called out the service for seemingly using the LGBTQ+ community to help promote the show but not following through with any representation in their show, despite the very clear indicators that their two main characters might be in love with each other. 

However, many still have hope that Wenclair will become a couple in season two. 


'Wednesday' is available to stream on Netflix. 

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