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What Madonna Has Said About Her Sexuality As Fans Debate Whether She Just Came Out On TikTok

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After a recent TikTok, fans are speculating whether “Like A Virgin” star Madonna has just come out as gay or if she’s queerbaiting. 

Madonna has been very open in the past about her promiscuity but she’s never openly come out.

That seems to have changed recently in a TikTok she’s posted that alludes to the fact that she’s gay. 

But fans are split — is she coming out or is she queerbaiting?

Is Madonna gay?

The singer appeared to tell fans that she is gay while participating in a TikTok trend.

The mentioned TikTok was posted on October 9 and shows the pop singer throwing (and missing) an item into a wastebasket.

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The caption in the video says “If I miss, I’m Gay!”



Users underneath the video chimed in with their thoughts. 

“Did Madonna just come out? And I’m witnessing it in real time?” one user wrote. 

One user expressed their love, saying “good for her.”

People are also pointing out that this isn’t exactly news. 

“Madonna has been out bisexual for literally decades my dudes,” a user pointed out. 

It’s true Madonna has been open in past interviews about her love for both genders, including her arousal for gay men in particular. 

In a 1994 interview with The Advocate, Madonna opened up about past sexual experiences with women. 

“All of my sexual experiences when I was young were with girls. I mean, we didn’t have those sleep-over parties for nothing," she told the magazine.

"I think that’s really normal: same-sex experimentation. You get really curious, and there’s your girlfriend, and she’s spending the night with you, and it happens." 

Madonna also mentioned how she’s had a lot of girl crushes but has “only been in love with men.”

Then, of course, we have the infamous kiss between Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards which sparked a lot of controversies.

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Years later, Madonna would also go on to share very public kisses with Nicki Minaj at her birthday party and even a small peck with Taylor Swift at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. 

But while some fans see these as Madonna’s undeclared documentation of her bisexuality, others are calling her out. 

Madonna is being accused of queerbaiting. 

After PopCrave took to Twitter to show off the TikTok, users underneath the thread called it out as queerbaiting. 

“It’s just a trend queerbaitors do to get attention,” one user said. 

Another user in a separate tweet called Madonna out for doing this in the past. 

“She is one of the pioneers of queerbaiting. This is old hat for her. Very very old,” they said. 

Under the thread, the user explained further. 

“It’s just queerbaiting. It isn’t any kind of actual declaration. It never is. She does this every few years when she gets bored.”

Regardless if Madonna has officially come out or if she’s queerbaiting, there’s no denying her influence on the LGBTQ+ community and her contributions to it as a whole. 

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