Fans Spot ‘Clues’ That Johnny Depp Will Play Uncle Fester In Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ On Netflix

The secret casting has not been revealed.

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Rumor has it Johnny Depp will be playing Uncle Fester in “Wednesday” — Tim Burton’s “Addams Family” spin-off that is set to hit Netflix this fall.

Fans of Depp, who recently secured a legal victory against ex-wife Amber Heard in his defamation lawsuit, have been eagerly awaiting his return to the screen and will no doubt welcome the possibility of seeing him in the comedy show.

Is Johnny Depp playing Uncle Fester in ‘Wednesday’?

Depp’s involvement in the series has yet to be confirmed but, given that the show’s creators have gone to great lengths to keep the casting for the role a secret, there are plenty of clues to suggest the actor will take on the role.


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“Wednesday” will star Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams while Catherine Zeta-Jones is playing Morticia Addams and Luis Guzmán stars as her husband Gomez Addams.


Uncle Fester’s role is being kept as a ‘secret’ until the show premieres.

Uncle Fester, who was played by Jackie Coogan in the original series, was notably absent from the Netflix show’s trailer which the show’s creator, Alfred Gough, says was intentional.

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Speaking with Vanity Fair, Gough, who conceptualized the show with fellow “Smallville” creator Miles Millar before recruiting Tim Burton to executive produce — and add his gothic touch — said:

“We have no comment on Uncle Fester. Watch the show.”

A DeuxMoi source hinted that Depp will star as Uncle Fester.

Instagram gossip account, DeuxMoi, shared an anonymous tip or “blind item” that featured many clues pointing to Depp.


The post read: "Extraordinary lengths taken to protect the identity of Uncle Fester on the latest Netflix offering.”

“This rarely out of the news or courts A++ lister is keeping things quiet so that [Jenna] Ortega's moment is not overshadowed by his ex's ongoing vendetta. But rumors are the first edits show that Tim Burton was right to fight for his casting."


The submission was made under the pseudonym “Aquagirl” which may be a nod to “Aquaman” – a movie starring Depp’s ex-wife, Heard.

Depp's team added to the speculation this week when the Twitter account for his NFT collection, "Never Fear Truth," shared an image of Burton alongside the caption, "Happy Wednesday."

Depp and Burton are friends and longtime collaborators.

It makes sense that Depp is someone Burton would “fight” to cast given their long history of working together on many successful projects.


To date, Depp and Burton have worked on eight movies together including “Edward Scissorhands,” “Sleepy Hollow” and “Sweeney Todd.”

This would be their first collaboration since “Dark Shadows” in 2012.

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