Unpacking Those Rumors That Kate Moss Was In A 'Throuple' With Jude Law & Sadie Frost

Sadie Frost and Kate Moss have remained friends to this day.

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Kate Moss, Jude Law, and Sadie Frost are some well-known names today but were an even bigger deal during the 90s.

Law and Frost, who were married from 1997 to 2003, were quite a controversial couple after meeting in 1992 while on the set of the film 'Shopping.'

At the time, Law was 19 while Frost was 25 and married to musician Gary Kemp for nine years, though she later divorced Kemp to be in a relationship with Law.


During Frost and Law's six-year marriage, the couple was rumored to have been in a rather scandalous relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.

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Inside Kate Moss' rumored relationship with Jude Law and Sadie Frost.

Moss was first introduced to Law and Frost after her breakup with Johnny Depp in 1998 when the model began mingling with a group of popular celebrities in the UK called the "Primrose Hill Set."

The circle of UK-famous celebrities was known for their hedonistic lifestyle, with Frost and Law part of the exclusive clique.


According to journalist Maureen Callahan's 2014 book "Champagne Supernovas," Frost had been the first to initiate a romantic relationship with Moss.

When Frost told Law about her affair with Moss, "he became excited by it; the three became entangled."

An unnamed source told Callahan that during Moss, Frost, and Law's relationship, Frost began to have deeper feelings for Moss.

"They all partied together, slept together. It was a very soulless life they led," the insider told Callahan.

While Moss, Frost, and Law's scandalous relationship was never confirmed, Moss and Frost have continued to be friends over the years, and are even godmothers to each other's children.


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Frost admitted that her relationship with Law deteriorated because of the endless partying.

In Frost's 2010 memoir "Crazy Days," the actress addressed her infamous split from Law.

While Frost never directly addressed the rumors about her and Moss, she admitted that her marriage to Law was slowly deteriorating because of their changing lifestyles.

"Jude was away a lot, while I was sitting on the sofa, getting fatter and gripped by a nagging sense that I was jeopardizing my love," Frost wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

The doubts regarding their marriage started in 1996 after Frost and Law had welcomed their first child together, son Rafferty.


"The more in demand Jude was professionally, the more of a drama queen I became," she continued. "As he matured into a man, I started to act more like a child. We were living on a knife edge, but we made it work because of Rafferty."

According to PEOPLE, the couple eventually filed for divorce in 2003 after six years of marriage.

At the time, Frost and Law released a joint statement that they "agreed that a divorce is the only way forward." 


They revealed that they were trying to have the divorce process be "as painless as possible" for their three children Rafferty, Iris, and Rudy.

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