Video Emerges Of Ariana Grande’s Accent Changing Over The Years

Her skin tone also appears to have changed.

Ariana Grande Tinseltown/Shutterstock/Instagram

Ariana Grande is coming under fire after a video emerged comparing her voice now to her voice several years ago.

The singer has faced backlash in the past for using fake tan to darker her skin and now fans are arguing that her voice is another cause for concern.

The video claims Ariana Grande was using a 'blaccent.'

A viral TikTok shows several clips of Grande speaking and accuses the singer, who is of Italian descent, of using a “blaccent” in some clips.




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A "blaccent" is typically used to refer to an accent non-Black people use that may mimic the accent characteristic of Black Americans, often characterized by the use of African-American vernacular English.


Of course, not all Black Americans have the same accent and some white people who were raised in certain areas may naturally develop an accent associated with the Black community. 

But, a problem arises when this accent is used to mock, mimic or appropriate the Black community — whether intentional or not.

The video starts with Grande saying, "I'm like, ‘B---h, that's my cookie. It's my juice, okay? Thank you, next.' That's what this baby picture says."

The clip is then followed by a more recent interview where Grande is talking about her music video, however, her accent in that video is quite different than the previous one.

“It’s a fact that she had a tan, blaccent when mixed [people] were trending and now she drops the tan and the blaccent," the caption of the video reads.


After years of facing backlash for her tan and her accent, Grande appears to have changed her ways — hopefully after educating herself on the dangers of cultural appropriation. 

However, critics are still skeptical and fear she may now be appropriating a different minority group.

Ariana Grande has been accused of "Asianfishing."

Other videos compare Grande's natural eye shape to how she alters her features using makeup, implying she is attempting to look like an Asian person.



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Derived from the word "catfishing," Asianfishing is when non-Asian people use different methods to appear Asian.

Back in December 2021, when Grande released pictures from a photoshoot on social media, people brought up how she was using makeup to accentuate different Asian features.

Fans pointed out her eyebrow lift and the monolid look in her eyes which are both common features among East Asians.


As a result, fans accused her of trying to look more Asian.

However, other fans have consistently defended the singer, claiming that it is just makeup and she is not trying to lie about her heritage.

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