Gay Justin Bieber? Celibate Harry Styles? Bi Biden? Fans Share Wild Pop Culture Predictions For 2023

We're in for a big year!

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At last, we’ve reached the end of 2022—and what a wild year it was from a pop culture perspective.

That whole “Don’t Worry Darling” mess alone gave us an entire year’s worth of drama! But before long it’ll be 2023, and time for a whole new year of celebrity intrigue.

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So what will we see? Well, nobody knows of course, but people in the popculturechat subReddit have been making some truly hilarious predictions about what kind of absurd hijinx might be coming out of Hollywood next year.

And if their absolutely bonkers prognostications hold true? Hoo boy, 2023 is about to be the best kind of mess!

Here are some wild pop culture and celebrity predictions for 2023:

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as an unlikely celebrity pairing. Remember when Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were together? Aww! Still smarting over that break-up, to be honest.

But according to Redditors’ crystal balls, star hook-ups are about to get deeply weird. How weird, you ask?


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Julia Fox and Emily Ratajkowksi will have “a PR relationship.”

Not that either exactly needs the exposure but… well, at least in Fox’s case, when has that ever stopped her?

The two are already airing out their friendship online so maybe they will make the next leap!



Reddit thinks pop star Shawn Mendes is also up for a new love connection—with supermodel Gigi Hadid. To repurpose Mendes’ most famous quote, “It’s giving… even more nonsensical than that whole Camila Cabello thing.”


And speaking of “Don’t Worry Darling,” that whole drama is gonna come screaming back in 2023 too, according to Redditors—when “Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde start dating.” Can the universe even handle such chaotic energy?

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Pete Davidson will set his sights on Elon Musk's ex.

Of course, no discussion of celebrity hook-ups is complete without talking about Pete Davidson, and people on Reddit think they know who he’s linking with next, too: none other than the queen of elf ears herself, Grimes.

Honestly, at this point it really doesn’t seem that far out of the realm of possibility. When even Martha Stewart expresses interest in you, nothing is off the table.


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Harry Styles and Justin Bieber may have some surprises in store for us.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Reddit of course predicts that “Nick Cannon has 6 more kids” next year. That goes without saying.

But when it came to Redditors’ outlook for Hollywood’s sex lives, no topic was more top of mind than celebrities coming out of the closet.

One Redditor predicts Justin Bieber will come out by writing “a love song with male pronouns,” only to later reveal it was about Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, according to Reddit hearts everywhere will shatter irreparably when Harry Styles “announces a vow of celibacy”—an earth-shattering move that will only be bested by President Biden when he “misspeaks at press conference and comes out as bi.”


Listen, if this is what it takes to finally get America’s first LGBTQ President? It’ll all be worth it. Representation matters! Sadly, Reddit predicts it will all be overshadowed by a “Kamala Harris furry arc.”

Okay now, this is just getting ridiculous. As one Redditor put it, “a pop-literate AI wrote this and you cannot convince me otherwise.”

Looking forward to living in this simulation, to be honest!

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New Year, new drama.

Hollywood is nothing without scandal, and Redditors see plenty of drama heading our way in 2023.

What kind of mess will 2023 bring? A user predicted that “Kendall will be the only [Kardashian or Jenner] invited to the Met Gala” and honestly… none of us is ready for the fallout of a Kris Kenner/Anna Wintour conflict. It will tear the very fabric of the universe. Shut it down!

But even as insane as this all is, none of it will remotely compare to the earth-shaking news Reddit predicts two celebrities will bring us next year, when it is revealed that “Demi Lovato and Kesha find definitive proof of aliens, ghosts and tie for the Nobel prize in science.”

A world of ghosts and aliens led by Kesha and Demi? Now that’s a future we can all believe in.


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