Tom Cruise Trades Friendship Bracelets With Girls At Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Instead Of Attending His Daughter’s High School Graduation

Cruise missing Suri's graduation further fuels the rumors that there is a rift between the two.

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Last weekend, Tom Cruise confirmed he’s a Swiftie. Or, he at least seemed to. Cruise was present for the Saturday, June 22 Eras Tour show at Wembley Stadium in London.

His daughter, on the other hand, was back in the States, graduating from high school. So, why couldn’t Cruise make her graduation ceremony?

Tom Cruise missed his daughter’s high school graduation but was able to attend the Eras Tour the very next day.

People Magazine reported that Cruise’s Suri, graduated from high school in New York on Friday, June 21.


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Katie Holmes was in attendance at the ceremony and was seen “posing for photos” with her daughter afterward, according to the outlet. Meanwhile, Cruise was absent.


The Eras Tour surely didn’t prevent him from attending Suri’s graduation. After all, there is a five-hour time difference between New York and London, with New York being behind. If the graduation ceremony hypothetically occurred at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, it would have been 10:00 p.m. in London at the same time.

Therefore, Cruise would have had plenty of time to attend the graduation and the Eras Tour show of his choice.

Then again, all of these calculations really seem unnecessary. If Cruise wanted to be there for his daughter, he could have skipped the Eras Tour altogether. And, as a celebrity, he wouldn’t have had nearly as difficult of a time getting tickets for another show as the average person would.

Cruise instead spent his weekend with other celebrities and Swift fans.

Swift’s Saturday show in London was known for being quite the star-studded affair


People Magazine said that in addition to Swift’s NFL star boyfriend Travis Kelce, famous faces like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Greta Gerwig, Hugh Grant, Rachel Zegler, Liam Hemsworth and Jamie Dornan were all there.

For most of the show, Cruise could be seen in the V.I.P. tent near Kelce. However, he also ventured out into the audience at some point.

A TikTok user named Fauve shared a video of her exchanging friendship bracelets with Cruise. “He asked me for a photo afterward!” she said in the caption of the video.


Another TikTok creator, Jhoanne, filmed her experience of tossing a friendship bracelet to Cruise where he was standing in the V.I.P. tent.

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It’s allegedly been years since Cruise has seen his daughter.

Perhaps it’s not that surprising that Cruise was absent from Suri’s graduation. According to Page Six, the father and daughter haven’t seen each other since 2012.


“This is a girl who is a private citizen,” their source said. “She hasn’t lived her life in public.”

Page Six reported that the last time Suri and Cruise were seen together was a July 2012 trip to Disney World, nearly 12 years ago.

The long time during which Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter has led to rumors of a rift. This potential rift could explain one choice Suri recently made.


People Magazine stated that, in her graduation program, Suri was listed as “Suri Noelle” instead of “Suri Cruise.”

This is not the first time Suri has used the name Suri Noelle. OK! Magazine reported that when Suri was cast in a production of “Head Over Heels” on Broadway, she used the name Suri Noelle in the playbill.

Noelle is Holmes’ middle name, according to OK! Magazine. The name change appears to be a nod to the single mother who raised Suri on her own for the majority of her life.


Just like with most things in the lives of celebrities, we’ll perhaps never know for sure what the real circumstances between Cruise and his daughter are. While all we can do is speculate, it does seem suspicious that he was missing from such an important event in her life.

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