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Why Tom Cruise Was Asked Not To Attend His Daughter’s Wedding Despite Paying For The Whole Thing

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Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Isabella Kidman Cruise

Tom Cruise's relationship with his three children is one of Hollywood's many mysteries. 

The actor has two kids from his marriage to Nicole Kidman and another whom he shares with Katie Holmes. But the actor's controversial involvement in the Church of Scientology has led to speculation that Cruise is not involved in his kids' lives.

That speculation only increase when Cruise's oldest daughter tied the knot in 2015 without her father present.

Isabella Kidman Cruise was adopted by Cruise and Kidman as was her brother, Connor. The now-30-year-old has lived her life largely out of the public eye but stirred rumors that she was estranged from her parents after her wedding.

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Tom Cruise didn't attend Isabella's wedding due to her wishes to have a small celebration.

Bella married IT consultant, Max Parker on September 18, 2015 without Kidman or Cruise in attendance due to her reluctance for her big day to be overshadowed.

"Tom is filming a new film that is taking time and millions of dollars not to mess up scheduling, along with that he also didn‘t go to the wedding because it was his daughter’s wishes and he knows that if he went it would be all about him. Paps and guests would have made it a less special day had they been focusing on Tom," a source claimed at the time, according to The Things.

According to TMZ, neither Bella nor Max's parents were invited to the ceremony.

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Tom Cruise reportedly paid for his daughter's wedding despite not being invited.

TMZ reported, "We're told Tom was not only cool with the decision, he footed the bill for the wedding and party at the fancy schmancy Dorchester hotel."

The outlet also speculated that conflicting views on Scientology may have played a role in Cruise's lack of attendance due to Max not being part of the Church. Bella is reportedly still an active member.

Cruise has always been open about his love of fatherhood, telling Vanity Fair — via HollywoodLife — in 2006 that he always wanted to be a dad.

“I always said to myself that my children would be able to depend on me and I would always be there for them and love them — that I’d never make a promise to my kids that I couldn’t keep. I’m not one of those people who believe you can spoil a child with too much love. You can never give a child too much love. There’s just no way.”

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Isabella Cruise confirmed that she has a good relationship with her parents.

In 2016, Bella told the DailyMail that she still speaks to both her mom and dad.

"Of course [we talk], they're my parents," she said. "Anyone who says otherwise is full of s—t."

Later that same year, Bella was photographed in England with Kidman, proving the two were on good terms. At the time, sources told the DailyMail, via HollywoodLife, that “it was a very emotional moment for all of them, especially Nicole.”

“It didn’t take long for her to burst into tears, and Bella soon followed,” a source added, “Nic has been trying to build bridges with Bella since the start of the year…Nicole took an instant liking to Max and could see that he and Bella get on really well.”

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