Boy Spends His First Day On The Streets After Parents Kick Him Out On His 18th Birthday — 'Once You Turn 18 You're On Your Own'

He explained that his only desire is to try and finish high school.

teenage boy explaining how he's homeless @homesforhomeless / TikTok

A teenager revealed that he was now homeless after being kicked out by his mother.

The video of the unnamed teenage boy sharing his story was posted on @homesforhomeless' TikTok page and immediately struck a chord with viewers who shamed both his parents and any other parents who feel as if their child needs to leave their home once they turn 18.

The teen explained that he was spending his first days on the street after being kicked out on his 18th birthday.

The 18-year-old opened up about his mother telling him he would need to leave as soon as he turned of age. "My mom basically said, once you turn 18 you're on your own," he recalled. The only word to describe the look in the young man's eyes as he relays his story is heartbreak.


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He said that since being kicked out, he's now in Salt Lake City looking for a place to stay for the night as he figures out a way to find his way back to California. When the person interviewing him asked if he was stranded out there, the young man confirmed that he was.



"How long have you been out on the streets?" the teenager was asked. He responded that this was his first day being homeless which was also his 18th birthday. The teen also explained that he was trying his hardest to get back to California because he was trying to finish his last year of high school.


When asked if he had three wishes, what would they be, the 18-year-old replied, "That my father was still alive, to see my sisters, and to get home." Unfortunately, this young man's distressing story is the mindset that many parents in this country have about their children turning 18 and needing to leave home.

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Moving out at 18 is financially impossible for many people in America.

With the rise of rent and housing prices, mixed in with inflation and the deteriorating availability of jobs, freshly-turned 18-year-olds stand no chance of being able to financially support themselves without any help from their parents or families.

With the average American debt being $58,604 and 77% of American households having at least some type of debt, it's becoming less and less possible for even adults to afford to live on their own, much less teenagers.


It's also the fact that newly-turned 18-year-olds still need emotional and psychological support from their parents. Transitioning into adulthood can be a challenging and overwhelming time, and having a stable and supportive family environment can greatly assist them in this process.

In the comments section, people shared their bewilderment that a parent would just cast aside their child without a second glance.

"The pain in his eyes is just insane. I hope he succeeds in life and shows her he didn’t even need her," one TikTok user wrote.

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Another user added, "I literally can't wrap my head around this. My daughter is approaching that age & I'd keep her with me forever if I could. I will NEVER turn her away."

"She didn’t even let him finish school. That’s a heartless mother. My kids always have a place in my home no matter their age PERIOD," a third user pointed out.

It's a parent's job to provide support and safety for their children, no matter the cost and no matter how old they may be. The world can be challenging and unpredictable, especially for young adults who lack life experience.


Refusing them a safe haven to be able to transition into adulthood successfully will only lead to feelings of abandonment and can negatively impact a parent-child relationship.

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