Parents Of Adopted Girl & Her Twin Brother Dropped Them At A Homeless Shelter On Their 18th Birthday—Now She's Nowhere To Be Found

There was no more money in keeping the vulnerable adults for the adopted parents.

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A teen named Jamiya Bratcher is reportedly missing after a video of her went viral online.

The 18-year-old, who is believed to have special needs, was unceremoniously dropped off at a homeless shelter along with her twin brother on their birthday.

According to a video circulating on TikTok, Bratcher's adoptive parents left her and her brother to fend for themselves.

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Jamiya Bratcher is now missing after she became homeless allegedly at the hands of her parents.

In December 2022, Bratcher was interviewed on the streets about being homeless. She said she had been on the streets for a few days after she was dropped off at a shelter on her birthday because, “According to law, on your 18th birthday, you are now considered an adult and you gotta get out.”



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The interviewer was quick to point out to Bratcher that many children over the age of 18 still live with their parents, but the girl with childlike innocence seemed to defend what had happened to her. She was asked if her parents knew that she was homeless and replied, “Yeah, I mean, they were the ones that dropped me to the homeless shelter, so…”

Clearly stunned, the reporter asked if they were Bratcher’s biological parents. That’s when it was revealed that her adoptive parents took her and her brother in when they were just four.

When the reporter asked why her adoptive parents would drop her at a shelter hundreds of miles away from home, Bratcher began to tell the sad story of how they got rid of her.

The young lady’s parents started by questioning her about whether she would like to travel. Thinking it was purely hypothetical, she listed London, Atlanta, and Great Britain as her ideal destinations. “Next thing I know, we have a suitcase and we’re packing in a rush to come to Atlanta,” she said.


When questioned about how it made her feel, she responded, “I was nervous and scared, but at the same time, I was really sad… like really, really sad. On my 18 birthday, we couldn’t even celebrate?” as she appeared to hold back tears.

Bratcher also told the interviewer that, since becoming homeless, she had been sexually violated “a lot.”

Another video claims that Bratcher's twin brother, Jordan, was dropped off at the homeless shelter as well. In a subsequent video, the young man detailed the abuse he had allegedly suffered at the hands of his adoptive parents.

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He claimed to have been “thrown around” by his adopted mother and beaten. According to him, “She grabbed my b-lls and she squeezed them. It hurt like crazy.”

When it comes to their extended family, the teenage Bratchers have had little to no contact with them. Jamiya’s brother claimed to barely know his aunts and have only seen his grandmother about five times in his life. Nevertheless, some family members tracked him down to berate him about the interview his twin sister had done about per adopted parents.

That video also provided an update where the young lady smiled and seemed happy that people had reached out and helped her get new clothes.


But, in a sad turn of events, the video was shared alongside a recent update and the vulnerable young woman had apparently gone missing. Unofficial reports allege that after Jamiya was reunited with her biological family, a man in his 40s named ‘Isaac’ lured her back to Atlanta and she hasn’t been seen since.

It is suspected that the CashApp that has been shared across social media to help the girl has been exploited and she is allegedly unreachable by phone. So, for now, people are being asked not to send money and the search for Bratcher is in full swing.

Though Black women only account for 15% of the United States population, they made up over a third of the 268,884 women reported missing in 2020, according to the National Crime Information Center. For them, however, they may never receive the media coverage necessary to find them and bring them home to their families.


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