Father Drops Off Lunch To His Adult Son At Work — 'Our Kids Still Need To Know That We'll Always Be There'

He proved there's no age limit to caring for your kids.

Dave Monroe is dropping off lunch to his son, Jordan, at work. @davemonroe0 / TikTok

Your kids are never too old to care for! One father proved just that with a small act of kindness towards his adult son.

Those of us lucky enough to have a parent who will drop lunch off for us know how special it can be. More often than not, it happened when we were in school and living with our parents.

However, this father proves that it doesn’t need to stop when children graduate and go off into adulthood.


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One father dropped off lunch to his adult son while he was at work.

Dave Monroe is a dedicated family man known for his heartwarming, family-centric TikTok content when he’s not dancing and lipsyncing to songs. When he surprised his adult son, Jordan, with a meal during his work shift, the endearing video touched the hearts of many.

The fast-food meal from Burger King was more than a quick lunch — it was a symbol of a father’s unyielding support and love for his son.

“Just because they get older, our kids still need to know that we’ll always be there for them,” Monroe wrote on top of the video.




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His heartfelt words resonated with many people, shedding light on the enduring importance of parental support, irrespective of age.

Monroe rolled up in his car, making a surprise entrance at Jordan’s place of work, a local Valvoline. He greeted his son with a warm, “What’s up hardworking man?”


“I wanted to bring you something, bro. I wanted to bring you lunch,” he continued. He handed him the meal and a noticeable smile grew on his son’s face. “I love you, boy. I just want to say thank you, man,” the father said. 

“Thank you. Have a good day,” his son responded. 

Before Monroe peeled off, he gave his son some simple yet encouraging words, “Keep working hard."

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A flood of comments poured in, applauding Monroe for his supportive and loving approach to parenting an adult son. 

“So glad you’re such an amazing parent. You can see how much they love you,” one person commented.


Another person chimed in, acknowledging the value of parental support drawing from their personal experience.

dave monroe tiktok dropping food off to son at workPhoto: @davemonroe0 / TikTok

“This is so cute! It’s true! Being a young adult, my parents' support means so much still. Your son will always appreciate your support,” they wrote.

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However, the video did not escape criticism.

Some viewers expressed discomfort with Monroe recording the interaction and sharing it publicly.

“[H]e looked weirded out you were recording. I hope you didn’t say and do this because you were recording,” they commented. 

“[T]he sentiment is there, but you [should] do this without a camera,” another added.


Despite these criticisms, Monroe's TikTok presence highlights his consistent efforts to share moments of care and support toward his children. Whether this lunch surprise was a one-time gesture for the camera or a regular demonstration of his paternal love remains unclear.

However, the authenticity and depth of their father-son relationship are evident, suggesting that such moments of love and support likely transcend what is captured on screen. 

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