'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Explains Why She 'Opts Out' Of Christmas With Her Kids Every Year

Her reason are actually quite valid.

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'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry is addressing why she stopped celebrating Christmas with her kids several years ago.

Lowry is a mom to four kids — Isaac, 12, Lincoln, 9, Lux, 5, and Creed, 2 — but she keeps the holiday season simple in her home. 

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Kailyn Lowry says she has several reasons for not celebrating Christmas.

Taking to TikTok, under her username "@kaillowry," the reality star responded to a comment on a previous video in which she briefly mentioned the fact that she "doesn't do Christmas" for herself or her kids.


"I respect the choice but like why no Christmas, I want the details of this choice lol," a fan asked.

“I’ve talked about this a hundred times on my podcast — there are several reasons why I opted out of Christmas a couple years ago,” Lowry begins. 

First, she starts off by saying her children are “blessed all year” and don’t really need more gifts come Christmas. 

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She further explains that her second oldest son, Lincoln, has a birthday around Christmas as well as her oldest, Isaac, who has a birthday three weeks after Christmas- that’s a lot to handle!


Another reason falls among her family. 

“My cousin and I got divorced around the same time and we don’t have the same schedule for the holidays with the kids,” she said. “It defeats the purpose to drive five hours to go see all the cousins and stuff when we’re not even going to have the same holidays with the kids.”

However, the “most important reason” why Lowry gave up Christmas is quite a simple one: it was for the children. 

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Lowry says opting out of Christmas made things easier with her kids' dads.

“I got tired of fighting with the dads. We all celebrate Christmas Eve and everybody’s got family in different states.”


Lowry shares her oldest son, Isaac, with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroqui and her youngest children with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Lowry says that there were some holidays when she would split her time with the children, making them drive to another state. It constantly felt like an argument to her.

“So, that’s when I decided I’m no longer doing Christmas over here. I want my kids to go experience Christmas with their dads,” she said. 

She further praised the dads for being so willing to work with her around the holidays. 

In a separate video, Lowry further explained how the holidays tend to work.

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“The kids’ dads have been really great; they actually let me keep the kids for Thanksgiving and the kids got to see my best friend and her kids,” she said.

“They made it possible for all this to even happen— so the kids get to spend Thanksgiving with me and spend Christmas with their dads and we kind of just make up the weeks that way.”

Her comments provided further insight into how things work in their household, explaining that she doesn’t do decorations or have a tree. The children have that all at their father’s house.


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Lowry has been praised for her co-parenting. 

Co-parenting is never easy and unfortunately, many parents fail to realize the damage they inflict on their children when using them as leverage. 

But it seems like Lowry and her exes have gotten it down and many are praising her for it in the comments. 


“This is how you co-parent,” one user wrote. 

“No one should ever say you’re a bad mom. You literally do everything for those boys to ensure they’re happy.”

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