6 Crazy Details On Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry/Jenelle Evans Feud

Why are Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans fighting?

6 Crazy Details On Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry/Jenelle Evans Feud Instagram

Teen Mom has been bringing the drama since 2010, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry specifically have been fueling the fire — sometimes literally —since the show started airing. Evans and Lowry’s relationship has been getting worse and worse over the years on Teen Mom 2. Now, it seems to have reached a breaking point. Lowry revealed to HollywoodLife that she’s done with her castmate. Lowry is not speaking with her and says she does not “have a relationship with Jenelle at all.”


The most recent reason for Lowry and Evans’s feud is not from anything either of them did. Regardless, the animosity between the two is vicious — though not without some brief pauses over health and safety concerns.

Here are six details about the Kailyn Lowry/Jenelle Evans feud that just won't quit. 

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1. Jenelle’s mom "joked" about killing Kailyn.

On Jan. 19, Evans, 27, hosted an Instagram Live with her mother, which has since been deleted. Evans’s mother Barbara said in the live stream that the two of them should “get lit and kill Kail.” Evans immediately reacted and told her mother, “You can’t say that sh**.”


MTV producers were clearly watching, as Barbara was on the phone soon after the comment. She and Evans then addressed the issue with their audience, trying to clear things up.

“Everybody took it out of perspective,” Barbara said. “I was being sarcastic, and everybody freaks out like I’m going to go kill the girl. Come on, I’ve known the girl for 10 years.”

Lowry, 26, made it known on Twitter she was aware of the “joke.” She also fed into fans’ impressions that Barbara was drunk.


“Why is the best fruit always forbidden?” 

A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on Nov 10, 2018 at 7:29am PST

2. Evans tried to explain her mother’s comments.


Barbara was, as fans thought, likely drunk. Evans told HollywoodLife the two of them had left town for a mother/daughter weekend.

“We had some drinks at dinner and came back to the Airbnb to drink a little more. I randomly got on Instagram and saw Brittany [DeJesus] was live so I decided to join in, especially since my mom was with me. We were all chatting, I have no idea how Kail got brought up, but when my mom heard her name she immediately said, ‘F**ck Kail, I’ll kill her ... ‘ in a joking way. My mom did not mean that in a bad way.”

She also explained why her mom would make such a comment, though not literally intended.

“My mom doesn’t like kail because my mom knows Kail is a troublemaker and experienced it firsthand at the last reunion that I did not attend last season.”


Evans then backed her mother’s thoughts in discussing how Lowry responded to the video.

“Kail, of course, didn’t reach out to us about what my mom said. Kail went straight to the media and complained some more to our producers.”


3. Lowry originally said she wouldn’t film until the issue was addressed.


In the aftermath of the video, Lowry told HollywoodLife that she was “not filming until something is done.”

“It’s just the principle. I’m done taking the high road and trying to ignore their behavior.”

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4. Lowry’s feelings have slightly changed since last month.

Now, Lowry wants nothing to do with Evans. She doesn’t want an apology, because she doesn’t believe “it would come from a sincere place.” All in all, while she doesn’t think Jenelle will leave the show, she has hope that they’ll never have to interact again in the future.


“Hopefully,” she said, “Jenelle cleans her act up and we don’t have to worry about being associated with her.”

5. Despite their issues, Lowry has shown concern for Jenelle over her husband.

Lowry may want nothing to do with Evans, but she wants even less to do with David Eason. After a 911 call from Evans surfaced late in 2018, in which Evans alleges her husband “assaulted” her, Lowry tried to reach out regarding her cast mate’s safety.

“Despite the drama that Jenelle and I have, I had actually reached out to her, I tweeted it, I reached out to our executive producer, Larry [Musnik], to see if everything was fine.” She never got a response and assumed it wasn’t her business to pry into.


Eason, 30, has caused controversy due to his pro-gun and homophobic social media posts; he was fired from the show for homophobic tweets referring to gay and transgender people as “abominations.” Lowry announced early in January that she would not be at the Teen Mom 2 reunion show because Evans and Eason would be there. 

6. Still, based on the way Evans received Lowry’s “peace offering,” the two are unlikely to remedy their relationship anytime soon.

On Dec. 21, Evans posted a fiery video to her Instagram account, which she wasn’t sure whether or not to upload in the first place according to its caption. Evans bashes Lowry in the caption, accusing her of talking about her and her husband behind her back—then giving her a “peace gathering gift.”

In the video, Evans sets the olive branch on fire, along with the caption’s warning: “Don’t send me gifts and then go talk sh**AGAIN!!!”


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