The Sweet Way One Woman Incorporated Her Entire Family Into One Small, Meaningful Tattoo

She'll always have a reminder of her family to glance at every day.

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When someone gets a tattoo, they usually want something that holds a lot of meaning to them since it is something that is going to be permanently inked on their bodies. One woman shared the meaningful tattoo she got that honored each member of her family, and others are inspired by her idea. Some even plan on doing the same thing. 

The woman shared how each family member played a part in her tattoo design.

The woman, Jess, revealed her heartwarming tattoo story in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 16 million times. 


“I asked each one of my family members to draw a simple flower,” Jess wrote in the text overlay of her video. Her father, mother, brother, and two sisters each drew their own flowers on separate pieces of paper. 

Jess depicts a photo of each drawing that her family members composed before the video cuts to a tattoo parlor. Then, she shows off the beautiful final result: all of the hand-drawn flowers composed into a bouquet tattooed on the back of her arm, just above her elbow. 

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The woman had each member of her family draw a flower and later had them tattooed on her arm as a ‘family bouquet.’

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“My hand-drawn family bouquet,” Jess reveals. “I love it.” 



Her video has since garnered over 1 million likes. 


TikTok users loved Jess’ tattoo and how she incorporated her family into it. 

“I CAN NOT deal with how awesome this is!” one user commented. “I should’ve done this when my mom was alive. I love this so much,” another user shared. 

“I’m planning on getting a similar tattoo but mine will be their birth month flowers cause I want to add my dead brother and grandparents in it,” another user wrote. 

Some people asked for Jess’ blessing to use her idea for their own future tattoos, as it's generally frowned upon to use other people's tattoo designs. “Are we allowed to borrow this sweet lil idea that’s warming our souls!” one user asked.

Thankfully, in a follow-up video, Jess not only gave others her blessing but encouraged them to get the same tattoo. "Go get this tattoo, with your family, your friends, your kids,” she says. “I just think it’s so sweet.” 


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Jess also took the opportunity to show viewers her other meaningful tattoo, which is an outline of her dog, Buck, that is inked on her inner wrist. Since her tattoo artist is her brother-in-law, he is aware of how much her family means to her. 



Jess asks other TikTokers to share their own family bouquets with her once they have them done. 


In a second follow-up video, Jess reveals that her family was not aware that she was going to turn their flower drawings into a tattoo, and had them draw the flowers a year before she had them inked on her body. 

“When I asked them, I didn’t tell them what it was for because I didn’t want them to try to make it look like a really nice flower,” she explains. “I just wanted whatever the flower that first popped into their head was so that they were all unique.” 



Jess adds in the comments section that while she did not get her family’s reaction to her tattoo on camera, she did send a photo of her new ink to the family group chat. “They all thought it was super cute,” she wrote. 


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