Student Surprises Her School Counselor With A Permanent Reminder Of The Quote She Said To Her All The Time

Her guidance counselor was overcome with emotion at the gesture.

Kaylee Boston, Ms. Taylor TikTok

For many high school students, there is always that one teacher or faculty member that has made a difference in their lives.

In a TikTok video, 19-year-old high school senior Kaylee Boston shared the permanent tribute that she had done to honor her school guidance counselor, who she says helped her through some of her toughest moments during her years in school.

Kaylee surprised her counselor with a tattoo of a saying that she would always tell her.

In Kaylee's video, she decided to surprise her guidance counselor, Ms. Taylor, with a tattoo that she had gotten in her honor. As her guidance counselor walked into the room, Kaylee pulled out a red piece of paper and asked if it looked familiar.


When her counselor confirmed that it did, Kaylee then lifted up the sleeve of her hoodie to show a tattoo that she had gotten on her forearm, which was a phrase that her counselor would say to her during her early years of high school.

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"You crazy girl!" Taylor exclaimed as she looked closer at the tattoo. She appeared overwhelmed with emotion, even joking that if she knew Kaylee was going to get her handwriting tattooed, she would've spent more time trying to make it look cleaner. "It's cute!"


Taylor immediately pulls Kaylee in for a hug, unaware that she had also gotten another tattoo in her counselor's honor. As they pull apart, Kaylee informs her that she has something else to show her as well, taking off her hoodie to show the second tattoo on her upper arm.

The second tattoo had been created by Kaylee but still held a special meaning between her and her counselor. Clearly both surprised yet delighted by the gesture, Taylor hugs Kaylee a second time, admitting that she had no idea this was the surprise she was going to show her.

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In a follow-up video, Kaylee explained what both of her tattoos mean.

After receiving an influx of comments to explain the meaning behind both of her tattoos, Kaylee explained to her viewers why she got them and the importance behind them. For her first tattoo, which was done in honor of her counselor, she had gotten the phrase, "You can do hard things," in Taylor's handwriting.


"This is the one that I surprised my school counselor with," Kaylee explained. "That is a saying that she has been saying to me ever since my freshman year of high school, and I went through a very difficult time my sophomore year and we got really close."



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Since forming a bond with her counselor, Kaylee admitted that Taylor has been an important figure in her life and wanted to get something to commemorate her and all of the ways she has helped her in the past., especially since she will be graduating in less than three weeks.


For Kaylee's second tattoo, she had gotten another phrase, "Accept, Love, Grow. Autism 2021," which she wanted to get after being diagnosed with level 1 autism in her sophomore year of high school, which was the same year that she had gone through an extremely difficult time mentally and emotionally.

"I kind of wanted to get something memorable for that," she said.

In the comments section, people found Kaylee's tattoo tribute heartwarming.

"That's such a beautiful story and memory to have. You're strong and can only get stronger from here. You're amazing, I can tell," one TikTok user wrote.


Another user added, "As a school counselor, I [love] this. 'You can do hard things,' is also one of my favorite sayings."

"Love that! As a first-year school social worker, one of my favorites to remind my students of is, 'You deserve good things,'" a third user shared.

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