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Bride Wonders If It's Wrong To Not Change Wedding Date After Sister-In-Law Demands She Postpone Because She's Pregnant

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A soon-to-be bride posted on the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A**Hole) asking if she's in the wrong for refusing to cancel her wedding at the request of her sister-in-law whose due date is close to the ceremony.

The woman shared that her and her fiancé's wedding date is July 30, and her sister-in-law is two months pregnant with her due date falling on August 6.

"We've saved the date and booked every venue about it since May. Booking a wedding these days can be really hard since everyone is rescheduling after two years of constant postponements," the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

Her sister-in-law had announced that she was pregnant last week, also revealing her due date. The woman and her fiancé were extremely excited, and congratulated the mom-to-be as well.

After a few days, the woman and her fiancé went to meet her sister-in-law because she wanted to sit down and discuss potentially canceling or postponing the wedding because of her due date.

"We were shocked and surprised since we never discussed or even implied the wedding would be postponed."

The woman and her fiancé kindly told her that they won't be canceling their wedding, and also told the sister-in-law that they wouldn't mind if she wasn't able to make the wedding because of her pregnancy.

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The woman's sister-in-law wouldn't accept having to miss her brother's wedding, telling the couple they would have to make it work and look for another date to have the ceremony.

The woman explained that it would be impossible for them to look for another date since all of them are booked, and if they were to cancel or postpone the next available wedding date isn't until February 2023.

"She said fine so be it we should book it for then. My fiancé and I were clear that we cannot and will not postpone," the woman shared.

"We have already prepaid some aspects of our vendors and we won't get all of our money back if we cancel."

She also explained that they didn't want to cancel or postpone their wedding because they've had everything booked since spring 2021 and they've almost finished all of their preparations for it just so the last few months before the wedding would be relaxing and chill.

The sister-in-law also doesn't have an active role in the wedding. "She's the groom's sister but she has no duties she'll have to carry out," the woman wrote.

"She can attend and sit in a chair to feel more comfortable and leave whenever she gets tired. She can also choose not to attend all together if she doesn't feel comfortable," the woman added.

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All of the woman's in-laws have also gotten involved and are trying to pressure the woman and her fiancé to postpone their wedding because if they don't her sister-in-law will probably not attend and she thinks it's unfair to not be present in her brother's wedding.

The woman and her fiancé have not changed their minds and the woman's sister-in-law claims they are being extremely selfish for not thinking about her feelings and changing the date.

Most people under the Reddit post agreed that the bride-to-be was NTA (Not The A**Hole).

"It sucks she won’t be able to attend but these things happen & she’ll just have to accept it," one user commented. "Maybe someone can live stream for her if it’s really necessary to keep the peace, perhaps?"

Another user commented, "Sometimes wedding guests have unexpected life events or circumstances that preclude them from attending the ceremony."

"[The bride] is being polite and understanding about not putting any pressure on [the sister-in-law] to attend. Please proceed with the wedding as planned."

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