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Why 'Sex And The City' Fans Are Upset About Spoilers From A Leaked Script + Theories About The Reboot

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Sex And The City Reboot 'And Just Like That'

And just like that, leaked spoilers for the new "Sex And The City" series seem to confirm there will never not be some kind of drama involved when it comes to the relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big.

On Thursday, July 15, Page Six revealed an exclusive photo of a leaked script from the upcoming 10-episode SATC revival titled, "And Just Like That..."

Spoilers from a leaked script reveal some major changes in Carrie's life have taken place since we last saw her in "Sex And The City 2," all the way back in 2010.

What 'Sex And The City" reboot spoilers have been revealed so far?

Spoiler alert — because, well, these are spoilers.

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Carrie and Mr. Big's marriage is in trouble.

The leaked script specifically offered a hint that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) are facing troubles in their marriage, may be getting a divorce.

Speaking to friends Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis), Carrie says: "I was taping the podcast, I was washing my hair. Yes, I wasn’t eating or sleeping, but at least I felt good about my marriage. Now I’m just one of the wives he was taking care of?”

Carrie may no longer a sex columnist.

The leaked script also seems to hint that Carrie has now put her infamous sex column behind her as she ventures into the world of podcasting.

Carrie seems to be hosting her own show. Could it be about life as a newly single woman and her best friends living the good life in New York City in their 50s?

Both of Big's ex-wives will appear in the show.

Another spoiler from the leaked script was that Natasha and possibly Barbara (both of Big's ex-wives) will be featured in the new series.

This had been previously suspected due to a sighting of Bridget Moynahan, the actress who played Natasha, on the set in Soho on Monday, July 19.

Is there a chance Big's been cheating with Natasha (on whom he once cheated with Carrie)?

And we already know Samantha will not be included in the cast.

Perhaps unsurpising to those who followed the unfortunate feud reported to have erupted between Kim Catrall and her former co-stars Parker, Davis and Nixon over the past decade, an HBO Max exec revealed back in February that her character, Samantha Jones, would not be seen in the new series.

Asked how Samantha's absence will be explained, HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys said, “Just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave ... Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life…

"They’re trying to tell an honest story about being a woman in her 50s in New York. So it should all feel somewhat organic, and the friends that you have when you’re 30, you may not have when you’re 50.”

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Aiden will be back!

The "Big or Aiden?" debate has long torn Carrie's biggest supporters.

Those on Team Aiden will be delighted to know the heartthrob furniture maker played by John Corbett will be back.

Will he be Carrie's rebound? Maybe even her second husband?

When asked how many episodes he'd be appearing in, Corbett said, "I think I might be in quite a few.”

Sadly, Charlotte's beloved dog Elizabeth Taylor is not likely to return.

After a photo surfaced of Kristin Davis on set walking a dog that looks not at all like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we came to know and love, many are speculating the pup may be dead.

Given that Elizabeth Taylor joined the show in 2004, which would make her at least 17 years old, and the fact that the average lifespan for this breed is just 10, this tragic news, though not confirmed, is likely true.

Sarah Jessica Parker responded to news of the leak subtly on Instagram.

Soon after the script leaked, The Cut released an article analyzing the leaked script line-by-line, prompting Sarah Jessica Parker to "speak out" on Instagram.

"I'm eager to read analysis. X," Parker wrote in the comments on their post.

Photo: Instagram

Why are SATC fans so upset about the spoilers from the leaked script?

Some fans commented on The Cut's teaser post that they were disappointed by the news they had just learned, specifically expressing anger about Samatha having been written out of the show.

Photo: Instagram

Others were excited about the new plotline development and eager to give it a chance, with one Instagram user commenting, "I can not wait for this! I don't even care what the plot is! I'd honestly be thrilled to watch these queens sit around and chat about nothing."

Fans of the show who watched each episode religiously when they first aired from 1998-2004, and ran to see the two subsequent movies when they were released in 2008 and 2010 — many of whom are the same age as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte — are excited to see how the series handles topics like divorce, death, menopause, libido and financial troubles they are also dealing with now in their 40s and 50s.

In the Page Six exclusive, it was also revealed that there will be new characters to love.

What's even better is that the new season will also feature fresh new faces, especially women of color in prominent roles.

Sara Ramírez will play a nonbinary, queer comedian and podcast host named Che Diaz. Nicole Ari Parker will play a Park Avenue mom named Lisa Todd Wexley (LTW for short). Sarita Choudhury will play a single, rockstar real estate broker named Seema Patel. And Karen Pittman will play a Columbia Law School professor named Dr. Nya Wallace.

Even though some fans may have been disappointed by the leaked script, you can always count on the iconic fashion from "Sex And The City" to obsess over.

People Magazine teased a few behind-the-scenes photos of the cast filming, and their wardrobe choices did not disappoint.

Photo: HBO Max

We, of course, will also see some of our favorites come back, including Mario Cantone (Anthony Marentino), David Eigenberg (Steve Brady) and Evan Handler (Harry Goldenblatt).

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