Rudy Giuliani’s Reveal On ‘The Masked Singer’ Causes Judges Ken Jeong & Robin Thicke To Storm Off Set

This is a good way to generate hype for a new season.

Robin Thicke, Rudy Giuliani, and Ken Jeong Debby Wong / Kathy Hutchins / paparazzza /

Rudy Giuliani has reportedly irritated judges on "The Masked Singer" after appearing as a contestant on the show.

Fox’s seventh season of their hit show “The Masked Singer” is currently being filmed and it already seems to be a season full of twists as the first unmasked singer caused two judges to walk off the set in protest.

The premise of the show is simple, albeit a bit absurd, celebrities appear in costumes and anonymous perform for judges who try to guess who is behind the mask.


When a contestant is voted off, they reveal themselves.

The season has not aired but it appears Giuliani will appear on the series, though his time on the show may be short lived. 

With the political climate much more fired up than when former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was unmasked in 2022, Rudy Giuliani’s unmasking during the season premiere filming caused a larger stir among the judges and those on set.

Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke walked off 'The Masked Singer' set after Rudy Giuliani was revealed.

According to the original report from Deadline, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger stayed on the stage and started to chat with Giuliani, while Thicke and Jeong returned later on.


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The reaction to Giuliani was understandably polarizing as the unmasked singer is likely the most controversial figure they’ve had on the show.

Giuliani was once considered the Mayor of America after famously guiding New York through the 9/11 crisis that occurred in 2001 — being named TIME’s Person of the Year and given knighthood by Queen Elizabeth in 2002.


However, since then, he’s aligned himself with former President Donald Trump and was involved in numerous lawsuits for allegedly violating lobbying laws, money laundering, and attempts to defraud the U.S.

He was Trump’s attorney in a lot of cases during his presidency, representing him and defending him to the best of his ability, so it’s no wonder that in the political climate of today people might not like the man.

Rudy Giuliani's connection to Donald Trump has ruined his reputation for some people.

Equally, his erratic behavior has made him something of a joke in the eyes of his critics.

Most famously in November 2020, while speaking at a press conference about the Trump campaign's attempts to overturn their election loss to Joe Biden, he started sweating profusely, causing hair dye to drip down onto his face and cause a lot of odd photographs of him.


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That same year, he was allegedly secretly recorded on the set of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm where he can be seen fiddling under the front end of his pants near actress Maria Bakalova, who was playing Borat’s teenage daughter in the film.

He vehemently defended himself against the incident on Twitter, claiming that the video was fabricating and that he was simply adjusting his shirt, but many people have criticized him for it anyway.


A year later, someone recorded the man at JFK International Airport shaving his face inside of a restaurant filled with people, which many people regarded as “disgusting” behavior, while many joked that we couldn’t confirm whether or not he lived at the airport.

While Deadline didn’t announce what the former politician’s costume was or the song he sang that got him removed from the competition, they did reveal that the theme of the newest season is “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly,” joking that “your political affiliation determines which category Giuliani fits.”


The new season of the show where celebrities try to guess the masked celebrity singers is set to air on March 9th, where people can finally see Giuliani’s reveal.

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