Prince William & Kate Middleton Address Prince Louis' Jubilee Antics In Statement

All parents can relate.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis Instagram / YouTube

Prince William and Kate Middleton released a statement on Monday where they joked about Prince Louis’ charming antics over the weekend. 

The four-year-old made headlines during the "Trooping The Colour" ceremony last weekend celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years of leadership in the UK.

Cameras spotted the young prince stealing the show throughout the celebration, including showing him waving to the crowd while riding in a carriage and making silly faces with his siblings.


They also showed him covering his ears during a flyover and repeatedly putting his hands in his mouth.

Prince William and Kate Middleton addressed Prince Louis’ Jubilee antics on social media.

The two shared photos of the event on their joint social media accounts on Monday morning, alongside a statement about their time during the festivities.


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“What a fantastic weekend of celebrations. Seeing people across the nation coming together with family, friends and loved ones has been extremely special,” they said.

“Thank you to everyone who turned out to show their gratitude to The Queen and her inspiring 70 years of leadership. From the crowds on the Mall to communities hosting street parties up and down the country, we hope you had a weekend to remember.”


They wrapped up their statement with a nod towards their son’s show-stealing antics.

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“We all had an incredible time, especially Louis,” they said alongside an eye emoji.

They also signed the post W & C, for William and Catherine, to give the post a more personal touch.

Memes of Prince Louis captured the hearts of fans online.

Social media users quickly grew enamored with the young prince after seeing his charming hijinks on an international stage. Fans took to Twitter to show their affection for the four-year-old.

“Prince Louis deserves his own meme section!” one Twitter user said. “I can’t with how expressive his face is!! Love you little bug!!”


“Prince William really has the most beautiful family,” another said. “Little Louis is such a mood, I love him, and Charlotte and George are such lovely, well-behaved children. It’s great we get to see them growing up.”

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However, some were more critical of Louis than others. Ignoring the fact that he’s a four-year-old child, some criticized him for “misbehaving” during such an important ceremony. 

Many called out the haters and, rightfully, bashed them for being so harsh on a young kid.

“Once again people making up situations that haven't happened to try and make a point,” a third Twitter user said.


“Meanwhile situations that ARE happening under big and blue tick accounts tweets- they are quiet. Prince Louis is 4 and has been to long events. Stop child and parent shaming. He's 4.”

“This photo of Catherine and Prince Louis says it all,” a fourth said. “A loving mum navigating parenting 3 children with the eyes of the world on her and criticism at every turn. She deserves better.”


Being a parent is hard for everyone, even royalty. Those who criticize kids for acting like kids only make it even harder.

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