Fans Find Old Photos Of Kim Kardashian Posing Topless In Travis Barker's Clothing

That's awkward considering they are siblings-in-law now.

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Kardashian fans are reacting to resurfaced photos of Kim Kardashian posing topless in clothing made by Travis Barker during the first season of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

Barker may have just tied the knot with Kourtney Kardashian, Kim's older sister. But fans are still bewildered about Barker's past relationship with his wife's sister.

In old photos, Kim Kardashian is seen modeling for Travis Barker's clothing brand.

In the series of photos, Kardashian is seen posing for Barker's clothing line 'Famous Stars and Straps.' She posed in several different bikini tops from Barker's line, and in one of the shots, Kardashian is seen modeling topless with boy shorts on.


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In other photos, the KKW founder was photographed wearing a bikini with matching shorts pulled down past her belly button. 

kim k posing travis barker's clothing linePhoto: Reddit

Under the Reddit post of the photos, fans commented about the irony of Kardashian modeling for Barker's clothing, with one user writing: "They definitely hooked up."


Despite Barker's recent wedding ceremony to Kim's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, fans have since pointed out that Barker originally wanted to date Kim.

In a recent episode of 'The Kardashians,' Kris Jenner was filmed telling Kourtney that Barker had moved to Calabasas just to be close to her, despite them not entering a relationship for years to come.

"Do you want to know the real reason why he moved to Calabasas?” Kris asked Kourtney.

“He said, 'Because I knew she lived in Calabasas, and I knew she was the love of my life, and I didn't even know her like that, but I just knew if I couldn't date her or be with her because she was with someone else that at least I could live by her.’”


However, fans pointed out that a year before Barker moved to Calabasas in 2007, he had been briefly dating Kim.

In his memoir, 'Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums,' Barker wrote about the first time he'd seen Kim Kardashian.

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"She was working as Paris [Hilton]’s closet girl. She would grab Paris’s bags, put them in the closet, unpack them, put everything where Paris could find it,” Travis wrote, adding that he didn't "care if she’s the closet girl, she’s f—king hot."

Barker also revealed that he had given Kardashian advice when she expressed interest in landing a reality show with the rest of her family.


“She wanted to do a reality show because she thought her family was interesting, and obviously she was right,” Barker explained.

"‘It’s hectic,’ I told her, ‘You have no privacy. It’s not just you and your family in the house. It’s really personal, and it can be really f-ked up.’”

Shanna Moakler, Barker's ex-wife, also made claims that she had "caught" Barker having an "affair" with Kardashian while the two were still married.


Moakler told US Weekly that she was “never” friends with the Kardashians because, “I divorced my ex because I saw them — I caught them having an affair," clarifying that she was referring to Kim Kardashian.

However, a source told InTouch that Moakler's claim that an affair had been happening between Barker and Kardashian was "false."

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