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Paris Hilton Has A Theory On Why Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Are The Perfect Couple

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Left: Kim Kardashian, Center: Paris Hilton, Right: Pete Davidson

In a recent interview, Paris Hilton shared her personal theory as to why Pete Davidson might actually be the perfect match for her friend Kim Kardashian.

After speaking in depth about her November wedding to Carter Reum and her show on Peacock “Paris In Love,” the interviewer turned the focus on Kim Kardashian, who had been in attendance at Hilton’s wedding, and the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star’s new relationship with Pete Davidson.

Paris Hilton thinks Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are 'so cute together.'

Hilton stresses how glad she is to see Kardashian in a happy relationship, saying, “I’m so happy to see her happy.”

She went on to describe how content Kardashian seems recently in her newer relationship with Davidson.

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“She just looks so beautiful and smiling and I just think they’re so cute together.”

Paris Hilton thinks Pete Davidson is a great choice for Kim Kardashian.

The interviewer said that “he’s an unexpected choice,” as many confused fans are also thinking, before also adding that “they look really good together,” to which Hilton agreed.

Hilton's theory on just why Davidson might be the right choice for Kardashian is actually because he’s a “funny guy,” which is an understatement, even.

Davidson has been an onscreen comedian for nearly 10 years and has been on “Saturday Night Live” for eight.

Hilton shows her approval of the pairing by asserting that “funny guys are awesome because they just always make you laugh and put you in a good mood. It’s just good vibes, so it’s really cute.”

This is an interesting — and kind of unique— way too look at the couple, as it seems that most fans right now are just baffled at how different Davidson seems from both Kardashian and her recently divorced husband, Kanye West.

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However, perhaps this is an intentional strength in their relationship; after all, Kardashian and West are evidently no longer together for a reason.

Meanwhile, a comedian does not sound like a bad person to have on hand when life gets big and stressful, and we can only imagine that the KKW Beauty founder and mother to four children has a lot of people looking to her.

Sources close to Kim Kardashian say that her and Pete Davidson are going strong.

A source told ET that Kardashian and Davidson seem to still be hitting it off right now.

According to them, “He makes her laugh, plays around and has a since of humor. It is nice for Kim to be around that.”

An ET source also said, “[Kim] likes how he knows so much about comedy since that is a world she doesn’t know as much about.”

It sounds like, while it may seem like an odd choice to fans, maybe a big change is exactly what Kardashian needs right now, if Hilton and insider sources are to be believed.

However, these are still theories, as they haven’t directly come clean about the romance.

Besides Hilton’s short glimpse into their romance, friends and family to both Kardashian and Davidson have kept quiet about the relationship.

And while the couple is constantly seen out and about together, they aren’t verbally confirming their relationship or posting their own pictures together online.

While there are plenty of theories as to why they may be holding off on directly sharing anything, it is quite blatant that they are seeing each other.

Likewise, there is no shortage of pictures online taken by paparazzi and friends alike; it is almost surprising when some friends and family, such as Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, dodge around the subject when it is brought up in interviews.

Regardless of their reasoning for staying quiet, hopefully Paris Hilton is right and that everything behind the scenes are smiles and laughter!

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