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Nicki Minaj Addresses Alleged Ex-Assistant’s Claims That She Owes The IRS $173 Million

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has responded to allegations made by someone claiming to be the rapper's "ex-assistant," who started rumors that Minaj owes the IRS $173 million.

Minaj for forced to address the claims after screenshots from an unverified account went viral online.

A woman named Kate Miller claimed to be Nicki Minaj's ex-assistant.

Miller posted alleged details about Minaj to her now-deleted Instagram account.

"I’m exposing all files I have from working for her. Along with the voice messages she sent me regarding many different people not just Cardi B," Miller's first post read.

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The woman continued, accusing Minaj of spending $75,000 to have her upcoming single do well on the music charts.

Another post read: “I have your tax refunds from 2021. When are we gonna tell the barbz you’ve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? Renting homes is always the go to for the Minaj residence.” 

Miller, who Minaj's fans have accused of using a fake name, also took shots at Minaj's controversial husband, Kenneth Petty.

"The things that your husband said to me when you weren’t around still gives me chills and as a woman I’m going to deal with that on my own time but you both are sick and meant for each other.”

Fans immediately reacted to the allegations, many of them deeming them false based on the number of typos in the posts as well as the fact that Miller had used a profile picture belonging to a woman named Megan Feldman Bettencourt, who is a senior director of Digital Strategy & Content at GroundFloor Media & CenterTable.

Minaj ended up responding to the rumors, telling her followers on Instagram Live that she's had it with "dumb" people.

The "Super Bass" rapper was first seen mockingly addressing the claims on her August 2 Live, before bursting into laughter. “Y’all, every day I learn that y’all getting dumber and dumber."

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Minaj also explained that she had recently seen someone share “a whole spreadsheet” to Twitter detailing, in her words, “what we about to do to get rid of Nicki.”

While Minaj said she considered the rumors to be a “sad” move, she decided to speak out about the fake ex-assistant claims, which she noted included downright illogical details.

“I am mind-blown that people are this f-king dumb, that people are believing that I got somebody that worked for me and now they spilling tea. … It’s not even that, it’s that the tea sounds so f-king dumb,” Minaj said.

“And for a person to believe it, you would have to be dumb. It’s clearly a kid.”

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