Woman Gains Massive Support After Her Neighbor Cuts Down Her Fence With A Power Saw — Until The Neighbor Exposed Her

People were firmly on her side... until the truth came out and had everyone yelling, "Team Fence Lady!"

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The old saying goes that "fences make good neighbors," but a truly wild beef on TikTok is proving just how untrue that maxim can be.

Two Canadian neighbors' fence dispute inspired waves of support for the party that positioned herself as the victim... until her supposedly unhinged elderly neighbor, lovingly nicknamed "Fence Lady," made a TikTok account herself and changed the whole story.

The neighbors' fence dispute went viral after 'Fence Lady' cut her neighbor's fence down with a power saw.

The since-deleted video posted by TikTok user @tiffanymraj is definitely shocking. It shows what appears to be an elderly Asian woman hacking Tiffany's wooden fence apart with a power saw and then, when confronted, seeming to totally fly off the handle. 




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Screaming, profanity and threats to call the cops quickly ensue, with Tiffany seeming justifiably enraged that her neighbor has resorted to simply sawing apart a fence that isn't even on her property.


From the footage she posted, she seemed clearly in the right, and drew all sorts of sympathetic support from fellow TikTokers taking her side in her war against the supposedly evil neighbor they nicknamed "Fence Lady." And then everything, including the basic details of the story, immediately changed.

'Fence Lady' then made a TikTok account  to give her side of the story, which instantly changed everyone's allegiances.

The elderly Asian woman's videos present an entirely different version of events, and it turns out this is not a neighbors' fence dispute that simply went off the rails; rather, it's a case of one neighbor actually encroaching on the other's property — and so much more. 



The neighbor's video shows that the fence in question is so close to the side of her house that she cannot even walk up alongside her own home. In fact, she says in the video she is unable to remove her air conditioner from one of her windows because her neighbor's fence is so close to her home.


But that's not all she revealed in her video. She also showed how Tiffany quickly and disturbingly intensified the conflict that at least one TikToker is calling outright illegal.

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Fence Lady's video shows Tiffany spraying her with a hose, and a lawyer on TikTok says that escalates the incident to full-on assault.

Suddenly, things are looking pretty bad for Tiffany and her family. First, because Fence Lady had a survey done, and the fence is indisputably on her property.

tiktok screenshot from fence lady about neighbors fence disputePhoto: @fencelady6 / TikTok


And as TikToker and attorney @that_lawyer_says explained in a video, squatting laws in many municipalities mean Fence Lady could be in danger of losing her claim to her own property if she doesn't fight back immediately. See you in court, as they say.



But that's not all. Fence Lady's video clearly shows a shocking incident in which Tiffany's sister retaliates while Fence Lady is filming her video by spraying her with a garden hose from the other side of the fence. And that, @that_lawyer_says, takes this altercation to the level of a possible assault claim.



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Everyone is now 'Team Fence Lady', especially after it was revealed that Tiffany and her family used racist language during an altercation.

Believe it or not, that still isn't the end of the story. Both Tiffany and her sister have wisely made their entire accounts private since the tides turned against them, but screenshots are forever, as they say. And the clear manipulations they've made with clever editing of their videos has blown her story to smithereens.

One of the ways Tiffany was able to garner so much support was with a since-deleted video showing Fence Lady angrily scolding her with profanity. Nevermind that Tiffany and her sister both used the same profanities against Fence Lady in other videos. 

But this is where it gets really juicy. As seen in the TikTok below, a woman named Annabelle — who it turns out is a friend of Tiffany and her sister — posted the full, unedited version of the incident, totally throwing her friends under the bus (gasp!).

Why? Because — surprise! — the full video shows Tiffany's sister making a racist comment. Oops! 




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I truly cannot stress this enough: screenshots are forever! And, hot tip, you need to be absolutely certain yours don't reveal you to be A) a liar and B) a racist, before you launch your campaigns against your neighbors online.


Because now, the tide has truly turned against Tiffany and her sister. The comments underneath many videos about the viral conflict are now just the phrase "Justice for Fence Lady!" repeated hundreds of times.

comments about viral tiktok fence lady neighbors fence disputePhoto: TikTok

And with rumors circulating on TikTok that Fence Lady has retained a lawyer, it seems pretty likely that Tiffany, her sister, and their parents will be making an appearance in court soon.


Turns out fences only make good neighbors when they're actually on your property... and when you don't commit multiple crimes while trying to make your dispute about it go viral on TikTok. Darn those pesky details!

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