Woman's Neighbor Punches A Hole In Her Fence—She Promises 'Watch & Smile' If Something Bad Happens To Her Child

She smiled from ear-to-ear when she imagined something happening to the toddler.

woman peeking through fence at neighbor TikTok/@aaryn.mc

Issues between neighbors are fairly common with over 36% of people reporting they have had some kind of spat with a neighbor that escalated into a screaming match, according to a 2021 report by Homes.com. 

But some disputes can be downright scary, making people feel unsafe in their own homes. A TikToker named Aaryn shared a scary video of her neighbor peering through the fence between their yards after she punched a hole in it.


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Her neighbor made threats against her child in a series of TikTok videos.

Aaryn has been documenting an ongoing issue with her neighbor who appears to be experiencing some kind of crisis. The Riverview, Florida resident shared a video of her approaching her fence in her backyard where her neighbor appears to be taunting her through a gap.



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“You are artificial and disgusting!” the neighbor says as Aaryn approaches. “And you know what? Your kid is going to die. And I don’t have to do anything. I’m just going to watch and smile as it happens.”

When the toddler is heard in the background, the woman says, “See… he knows. He knows”

The TikToker adds a little bit of context saying, “It’s a Saturday in April, and this woman lives next to me in Riverview, Florida. She’s going on a rant. She just punched a hole through my fence. In response the woman incoherently claims the fence is “made of artificial” and having heard enough, Aaryn takes her child and heads inside the house.

People who watched the video were very concerned, especially for the child’s safety. They implored the worried mom to press charges against the out-of-control neighbor and some even went as far as saying she should have ‘thrown hands’ the moment her child was mentioned. But mostly, people were concerned about what the woman might be capable of.


In a second video, the police had arrived and apparently knocked on the door but received no answer.

That clip was captioned, “She isn’t answering the door and it looks like she’s been living in her backyard. Eventually, they were able to make contact, and a third video was uploaded showing the woman laughing as she was loaded into an ambulance.

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Aaryn closed the series of videos with a fourth where she scanned the backyard of the neighbor showing blankets thrown about and a plate of food sitting next to a big bottle of dishwashing liquid, appearing to confirm the woman had chosen to live outdoors.




She let viewers know she was fixing the damage to the fence and that she would be seeking a no-contact order against the neighbor who was still undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

The attentive mom did the right thing by calling law enforcement to document what happened. Keeping a record of the frightening interactions can go a long way in helping to obtain a restraining order against her.


Another option, now that we know the neighbor was experiencing a mental health crisis, would be to call 988, an emergency suicide and crisis helpline operated through the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which deploys immediate assistance from qualified mental health professionals.

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