Man's Neighbor Accuses Him Of Trying To 'Lure' Her Teenage Daughter By Swimming In His Own Backyard Pool Each Evening

She told him to "put some clothes on" and stop swimming in his own pool since children lived in the neighborhood.

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After a man took a dip in his swimming pool after a long day at work, he was alarmed when one of his neighbors began pounding on his front door. When he answered it, he was left perplexed by his angry neighbor’s request. 

Now, he is asking others if he handled the situation correctly after telling his neighbor that he was simply just minding his own business and that she should do the same. 

The man’s neighbor accused him of trying to ‘lure’ her teenage daughter into his backyard by swimming in his pool each evening. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the 30-year-old man reveals that he owns a house in Florida. Each day after a long shift at work, the man throws on his swim trunks and takes a dive in his backyard swimming pool. 


“I just find it soothing, relaxing and helps me sleep better and I feel much better and it's something I look forward to every day,” he wrote. 

One day while he was walking his dog, the man’s new neighbor walked up and introduced herself. “Hi! I'm Janice, I'm your new neighbor… I just wanted to introduce myself. I live right next door to you with my daughter and we just moved in,” the woman informed the man. The two shook hands and all appeared well. 

The man added that the house Janice and her daughter moved into was being rented out by a man named Gary, who the man has known “for ages.” 


However every night since then, the man has noticed Janice watching him take his evening swim from her balcony.  “I don't care, so just mind my business swimming or I might sit on the chair on the pool just relaxing, minding my own business,” the man shared. 

One evening while he was in his pool, the man heard someone pounding on his front door. After drying off and changing into dry clothes, he opened his door to find Janice standing on his porch. 

“[I] say ‘Hey Janice, how's it going?’ and she says, ‘What's going on is you're trying to lure my innocent daughter into your trap. And I know how this goes.’” 

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The man told his neighbor that he was just taking a swim and minding his own business. 

Confused, the man assured Janice that he was not “luring” anyone and that he was simply just taking a swim in his backyard. She was not satisfied with his response. 

“She then said, ‘I don't care about all that, but listen put some clothes on and stop swimming at your pool we have children over here,’” the man wrote. “I then just say ‘It's my pool, and it's my property, Janice, I'm not doing anything’ and I just go inside and close the door.” 

Although now the man is wondering if he was wrong for his response. 


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Most Redditors sided with the man’s response considering that he was not trying to lure anyone just by swimming in his own backyard pool. 

“I don't see how you swimming in your pool is trying to trap or seduce her daughter when it's normal for men to wear only shorts while swimming,” one user commented. “It's not like you're naked and she's the one watching you swim in your yard which is creepy.” 

“You can use your pool how you like and Janice can keep her daughter busy when you are swimming if she feels her daughter is being inappropriate,” another user wrote. 

“There's only one solution: start wearing the skimpiest speedo you can find,” another user sarcastically suggested. 


Other users encouraged the man to inform Gary about Janice’s bizarre accusations. “You need to tell Gary his tenant is harassing you. I’d also file a police report to create a paper trail, you have no idea what accusations this woman may dream up,” one user recommended. 

Others suggested that if state property laws allowed him to,  install a fence so that Janice nor her teenage daughter could peer into the man’s backyard. 

While there are child predators out there who attempt to lure children into their homes, this innocent man is clearly not one of them. His only goal in changing into swim trunks and taking a dive in his pool is simply to cool off and de-stress after a long day, something that Janice also sounds like she could use. 


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