Nail Technician Follows Woman Out Of Salon After She Refuses To Pay For Her Nails Because 'They Look Terrible'

Would you pay for these nails?

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Going to the nail salon should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience you come out of with a fun new look. If you’ve ever gone to one expecting certain results and ended up with something completely different, you might resonate with this one situation.

A women who refused to pay for her 'horrible' manicure posted a video of herself being chased through a parking lot by the nail technician.

A TikTok video with millions of views and likes showed a women with a comically awful manicure protesting the service she received and refusing to pay. In the video, the nail technician insisted that the woman pay and blocked the exit, leading the woman to shove her away from the door.


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The video ended with the technician chasing the woman down with a broom.



People thought the video was too outrageous to have been real, which was true — the video was staged. The woman who posted it stated in multiple comments that it was fake. In fact, she and the nail technician in the video are actually friends in real life, as evidenced by other TikToks on her account.




Although the video was staged, it fooled plenty of people in the comments. The top comments thought it was hilarious that the woman was chased through the parking lot with a broom.

“GIRL THIS IS AMAZING I’M SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS HER RUNNING AFTER YOU WITH THE BROOMMM HAHAHAHA,” one comment said. “Please tell me you called the police,” someone else added.

Running away from a salon after refusing to pay is certainly a dramatic reaction to an unsatisfactory manicure, but to be fair, the one featured in the video is quite bad.


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“I THOUGHT YOU WERE A KAREN BUT THE NAILS……. I UNDERSTAND YOU GIRL,” said one commenter. “They would look good if she just cleaned the nail polish around the nail,” one person said, to which a nail technician replied, “No they wouldn’t lol.”

woman refuses to pay for terrible manicurePhoto: TikTok / @ttatumanaa


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While the video was fake, its premise was just believable enough for people to debate the ethics of the situation.

Some users thought the woman was justified in refusing to pay, but others felt that if the technician was unwilling to fix her nails or give her a discount, she should have just paid and left.

“She was wrong but if she calls the cops she can get you for assault and even strong arm robbery. A similar thing happened to my friend. Be careful,” said one comment. We can only hope that whatever happened to their friend wasn’t quite as intense as the video.

Another comment blamed the woman for her hideous nail job: “Shows I guess y’all don’t pay attention to what they do. Look at it and say ‘Hey! Can you fix that before moving on?’”


The comments do bring up a valid point: technically, the service was done, and leaving without paying would probably be considered theft from a legal standpoint.

If the client wasn’t able to get her technician to fix her nails at any point in the process or negotiate a lower price after seeing the results, it would probably be easiest to just pay without tipping and leave a bad review. After all, wouldn’t you want to get out of there as quickly as possible after seeing those nails? 

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