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Mother Wants To Ban Children From Coming Into Her Room At Certain Times, Sparking Debate Online

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Mother spending time with her children

After being wrested from her beauty sleep one too many times, one mother wants to ban her children from coming into her room in the mornings.

She posted about her situation on the British internet forum, Mumsnet, a place where parents share their dilemmas or issues and ask for advice from internet users.

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The mother shared that her 11- and 14-year-old sons usually come into her room at around seven or eight in the morning to greet her, but she doesn’t like it.

The woman wants to ban her children from her room before 9 am on weekends so they don’t disturb her sleep.

She explained, “Up every morning at 6.30 am and just want a lie in on weekends, but any disruption and I'm wide awake and cannot get back to sleep. Just can't.”

She felt that she should ban them in the mornings as she doesn’t want to compromise her sleep.

“But I feel bad. Especially with DS [dear son] as he just comes into give me a kiss or say hello,” the woman added. 

Additionally, after they wake her up, she doesn’t see them until later in the morning.

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The woman explained in the comments section, “They either go back to bed or put Netflix on downstairs. They don't want me to get up, I usually just laze in bed on my phone but they just come in to say hello.”

While the mother has a reason for wanting to ban her children, many internet users opposed her decision. 

Some people thought the mother shouldn’t ban the children as it will affect their relationship.

One user wrote, “I would say don't ask them. It won't be for much longer and I think their closeness to you will stand you in good stead for future challenges.”

Another user wrote, “I’m with the others - as annoying as it is I don’t think you can say come in later, as they are unlikely to bother so you [will] miss that closeness.”

However, many people thought that the mother should ban her children as her sleep is important too.

One person wrote, “Of course it's ok. Your well-being is important, too.”

“Just tell them mum needs so extra sleep so please don't come in till xx time. Surely at their ages, they can empathize with you,” another person wrote.

“It is very cute that your kids come in to say hi to you in the morning, but they are old enough to understand that you don’t want to be woken. Just ask them nicely to wake you up (preferably with a cuppa) at 10 am if you’re not already up,” another person commented.

People also suggested different ways the mother could use if she does go ahead with banning her children from her bedroom.

One person commented, “Close your door and stick a note on it. ‘Please come and wake me at 9.30 with a cup of tea, but not before. Thank you. I love you.'”

Another person commented, “We were in the same situation - what we did was set out a breakfast bar of nice breakfast things to eat and drink and they would go and have their hotel-style breakfast and watch a DVD before waking us up.”

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