Man Sparks Debate After Telling Wife Not To Put Baby In Bed With Him When She Leaves For Work

He wants the baby to be left to cry.

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A man has started a discussion among internet users after telling his wife to not leave their baby in the bed with him when he’s sleeping.

While the man believed he was right, the anger he felt from his wife, Macey, made him feel otherwise.

As a result, he went to the Reddit thread, "r/AmIthe A--hole" (AITA) to gather other people’s opinions.

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The two go to work at different times, so they have to navigate taking care of their 5-month-old baby, Leo.

Usually, when Macey leaves for work in the morning, the man is still asleep.

Leo frequently wakes up crying in his crib and is unable to go back to sleep, and since the husband is a heavy sleeper, he isn’t able to wake up until Leo has been crying for a while.

As a result, the man’s wife put the baby in bed with her husband so he would stop crying.

The man explained, “Luckily nothing bad has happened yet but I know the risks of putting a baby in a normal bed with an adult sleeping in it. Leo crawls and I'm worried that he could fall out of the bed and hurt himself.”


The man has voiced his fears to Macey and advised her to leave Leo in the crib even if he’s crying. His wife didn’t appreciate his opinion and it turned into an argument between the couple.

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“Macey got annoyed and said that she can't ‘just leave him to cry’, and said I'm a bad father for not noticing and waking up when Leo is in the bed, saying that if it was her, she'd notice and wake up,” the man added.

The man retorted by claiming that she was being irrational and that Leo could get seriously injured.

Then, he rhetorically asked her whether she wanted their baby to get hurt.


After their fight, Macey was quite upset with her husband.

The man wrote, “Macey got really mad and has gone to stay with her sister for a couple of days and took Leo with her and hasn't been answering my texts or calls.”

It seemed Macey was quite angry as she still hadn’t come back home — this was the first time anything like this happened.

This reaction from his wife made him think that he may not have handled the situation well and had taken things a bit too far.

Redditors started a debate while claiming the husband and the wife were both wrong for their positions.

One user wrote, “Time to be a parent and realize the days of sleeping in are on hold for a while. You need to be responsible and get up when Macey goes to work. Macey needs to be responsible and not put a 5-month-old in bed with a sound-asleep adult.”


“Working together & supporting each other helps build better families. Maybe look at ways to help you both effectively communicate because her up and leaving doesn’t really help matters when she shares blame in this situation,” another user wrote.

There were many people who leaned towards declaring the man was wrong for sleeping in.

One person commented, “Surprise! parents never get to sleep in again. Set an alarm, get up early and make your wife breakfast and have a coffee with her. I can’t believe you are so lazy.”


However, the man stated in his post that the reason he sleeps in is that he works 70 hours a week and gets to sleep only 3 hours a night which also garnered a lot of sympathy for him.

One person wrote, “Macey shouldn't be putting a baby in bed with a guy who works 70 hours a week and only got 3 hrs. of sleep. Maybe look into getting a sitter in to watch the baby from 8 to noon.”

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