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A Mom Wants To Instill In Her Baby To ‘Get Up, Get Dressed, And Take Pride In What He’s Wearing’ Every Morning

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mom with son dressed in the morning, another mom in the afternoon with her son in a diaper

A mom named Geordian from Texas explained in her TikTok bio that she’s both a “boy mom” and the “owner of [a] chic online brand.” Her presence on the social media platform is curated with well-lit, color-coordinated posts of her blooming family, capturing her journey through pregnancy and beyond.

The mom wants to instill in her baby a very stylized routine, extolling the values to ‘get up, get dressed, and take pride in what he’s wearing’ every morning.

She filmed a TikTok of herself standing in the airy foyer of her home in Texas, wearing a ruffled, beige-toned dress, holding her son in her arms. She explained, “I get questions like, ‘Why do you get your baby up and ready and dressed every single day?’” 

Georgian leaned into the camera with a smile, exclaiming, “Well, personally, I think it’s important to instill in him at a young age that we get up, we get dressed, we take pride in what we’re wearing and how we look.”



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“It’s something my mom did for me, so I’m hoping to instill that in him, and I mean, it’s just cute,” she finished her post.

The mom hoped to continue the tradition that her own mom taught her, establishing a daily routine of getting up and getting dressed in nice clothes.

While many comments poked fun at the mom’s chosen technique to dress her baby in tiny versions of seemingly expensive outfits every single morning, one mom commended her for doing something that clearly holds value for her.

She commented, “My mom swears getting a baby up and dressed for the day helps establish routine and days from nights.”

Babies don’t begin to differentiate daytime from nighttime until they're out of the fourth trimester, or until they’re around 4 months old. Yet if a parent believes that getting their baby dressed helps everyone feel good, then there’s really no harm done.

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A mom with a contrasting tactic to parenting posted a stitch video she made using Georgian’s post, highlighting that each mom has her own routine that works for her. The mom, who refers to herself as Sweet T in her bio, made a TikTok post that started with Georgian’s exclamation of taking pride in how her son looks, then cut to herself in her own kitchen.

She spun around to reveal her own outfit, as she sipped coffee from an oversized mug, her baby on her hip. She had her hair in a messy bun and wore a sweatshirt declaring, “Retired Hot Girl,” detailing her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor about her aesthetic. Her baby wore a brightly colored onesie. 



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The mom smiled brightly and took another huge sip of coffee. The caption beneath her post read, “We’re doing our best.”

As one person commented, “You’re showing your child to choose comfort in that one place they should feel comfort. You’re doing great mama.”

 Anyone who acts as a caregiver to little ones knows that when it comes to the challenging labor of childrearing, doing your best is the best you can do. There’s no morality clause in parenting that states you have to get your baby dressed every day, but if doing so makes the parent feel good, there’s no reason not to.

What works for one family doesn’t necessarily work for another, which is why there’s such deep value in knowing yourself, and knowing what fulfills you along your parenting journey

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