Boy Mom Tells Girl Moms To ‘Keep Your Daughters Humble’ Or She’s 'Gonna Be Toxic' When They Come Over To See Her ‘Cute’ Son

She claimed that she has no problem "weeding out" the types of girls who want to pursue her son.

Megan @yourbestiemeg / TikTok

A boy mom sparked a debate after claiming that girl moms need to learn to keep their daughters in check when it comes time for her own son to start dating. In a TikTok video, Megan, a mother to her 5-year-old son, informed viewers that she isn't above becoming a little "toxic," if she doesn't approve of the behavior exhibited by a girl who is pursuing her son romantically once he gets older and starts to date.


She claimed that girl moms need to 'keep your daughters humble' when they come over to see her son.

Megan's video includes a stitched clip from another family who makes content on the video-sharing platform. In their video, the family had been on vacation, and in overlay text on their video had written: "Showing our daughter the world & beautiful Belize so she's not impressed when your lil son takes her to Miami."

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Megan responded to their video, claiming that she would have no problem "humbling" any young girl who believes her son owes them a trip to a foreign country. 


"Boy mom here, how [are] you doing?" Megan began. "I got a 5-year-old son, he's developed the nickname of 'Hollywood' because he's real cute. So I know in about 10 years I'm gonna have all these teenage girls trying to beat the doors down to get to him, and I'm gonna have to help weed them out."



She continued, explaining that if her son was ever being pursued by a girl who "thinks she deserves a trip to Belize over Florida for just merely existing," she would immediately turn that young girl away from her son.

"Imma have to humble her," Megan announced. "I'm gonna look her dead in her face and call her 'Rachel,' even though her name is Kayla, and when she's like, 'My name is Kayla,' I'm gonna be like, 'Oh, I thought you were the Rachel who came over last week, my bad.'"


"Either keep your daughters humble or I'm gonna stay toxic," she concluded.

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Megan's video garnered a slew of mixed reactions, with many people accusing her of forming a harmful attachment to her son.

It can be problematic for 'boy moms' to form unhealthy bonds with their sons that will impact them negatively as they grow older. For example, one 'girl mom,' Margaret Greco, spoke about the "sickening mom attachments" that she often sees happen between a mother and son. Greco acknowledged that many 'boy moms' she knows "are overly catering" and treat their sons like boyfriends and secondary husbands. 



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"Men need to fly the coop, not that you don't love them but I do think there is a larger disconnect because men need to fly the f--k away," Greco insisted. "If men don't fly away there is a really close connection and it causes a lot of problems, and that is where you have the, 'I don't like my mother-in-law' narrative."

As Greco mentioned in her video, these attachments occur when a mother becomes overly involved in her son's life, often blurring boundaries and creating a codependent relationship. These "emotionally incestuous" relationships have been found to lead to serious repercussions for those sons who often struggle with self-reliance and independence as they grow older, as well as making decisions, setting boundaries, and navigating adult responsibilities and relationships.

While it's perfectly normal for a mother to want to defend her son and prevent him from entering into a romantic relationship that may not be healthy or to feel wary about a potential partner their son may have, it's important that 'boy moms' aren't extremely overbearing and controlling.


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