A Mom Kicked Her Daughter Out The House After Her Husband Admitted He Was Attracted To Her

The mom wonders if she's in the wrong.

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A mother chose someone who many are labeling a "pervert" over her own daughter. The situation unraveled when a woman found herself torn between her husband's unexpected attraction toward her daughter and the welfare of her child.

With a bond marked by many disagreements, the woman's relationship with her 23-year-old daughter has been far from simple, and so she shared the story on Reddit's "r/AITAH," hoping to see if there was some way for her to be in the right of all this.


The mom kicked her daughter out of her house after her husband admitted he was attracted to her.

According to the mother, the daughter's dissociative identity disorder was a significant contributing factor to their strained relationship, a diagnosis that emerged from the turbulent remnants of witnessing her mother's disastrous first marriage and being the target of relentless bullying at school.

She remembers how her daughter was mocked for not maintaining her hygiene, a consequence of her depression. "The kids at school called her trash due to the fact that she wasn't taking care of her hygiene due to depression," she wrote.




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During this difficult time, her daughter's response to her mom buying her new clothes and telling her to shower was met with resentment. She had hoped these superficial changes would halt the bullying, but only an expulsion and a suspension for the bullies marked the end of her torment. Still, the resentment left a lasting impact on their mother-daughter bond.

Hoping to mend their fractured relationship, she had invited her daughter to live with them, believing a healthy relationship model with her new husband could heal the wounds of the past. Yet, their domestic setup took an unsettling turn.


Her daughter, an introverted individual seeking solace in escapism, started to feel uncomfortable with her stepfather's constant presence.

The tension escalated into shouting matches and slamming doors when the daughter accused her stepfather of lingering gazes. This unsettling atmosphere was confirmed when her husband admitted his attraction towards his stepdaughter, describing her as a "walking temptation." 

Conflicted and confused, the mom chose to send her daughter to an extended-stay hotel, providing her with money and advising her to use her college's emergency resources. 

"I just need time to process the situation and don't want to leave my house to stay with my daughter when I have a marriage to figure out whether or not to save," she wrote.

Meanwhile, she's also upset because her daughter told another ex of hers about the situation, who's now blasting her on social media. However, the Reddit community is more on his side than hers.


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While it's generally believed marriage should take precedence over children, in this case, the daughter's safety was at stake.

This is no easy situation as a woman finds herself torn between her sense of duty as a mother and the distress of her marriage. 

A 2014 survey found that children were happiest when their moms were happy in their marriage. In this case, however, it wasn't about the daughter's happiness — it was about her safety. In addition, the mom's husband admitted to finding the daughter attractive, which should be a red flag in the mom's mind.

The mom's decision was met with a storm of outrage from people online.

People replied to her post, calling out her actions and poor parenting approach. Many people labeled her current partner a "pervert" and were baffled — why would she choose him over her daughter?


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"You are absolutely the a--hole and you chose a pervert over your own child," one person wrote. "Your daughter needs you. Your hands are tied again…this time to an old perv. Your daughter deserves a mother who will stand up for her. YTA," another added. 

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