Mom Finds Out Ex-Husband Co-Sleeps Their 4-Year-Old Daughter In The Room With His Dates A Month After Their Divorce

She doesn't want her daughter to be exposed to her ex-husband's behavior.

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One mom on Reddit took to the site’s “r/Parenting” forum to ask about the predicament she’s in involving her ex-husband and their 4-year-old daughter. After being married for approximately four years, they decided to get a divorce — a process that took over a year and a half. Now that the two are in a co-parenting relationship and newly single, she has a problem with her ex-husband’s parenting decisions.


The mom found out her ex-husband has their 4-year-old sleeping in the same bed as him and his dates.

She started her post on Reddit’s “r/Parenting” subreddit by providing readers with insight into her custody agreement and divorce details with her ex-husband.

“The only dispute in the entire divorce was whether he would be able to drink around my daughter,” she claims. “He refused to sign the agreement unless I agreed to allow him 2 8 oz glasses of beers or 2 6 oz glasses of wine during his entire parenting time (3 overnights every other week).”

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She claims that he’s had an admitted history of substance abuse, and so she worries about her ex-husband doing those kinds of things around their daughter — not to mention the new information her daughter has been relaying to her recently.

“This past weekend my daughter came home from her dad’s saying things like ‘Why did daddy push me out of bed for the girl,’ ‘the girl and me slept in the bed,’ [and] ‘I slept on the floor on my blanket next to daddy and the girl.’”


Not only is this a huge problem because of the strange woman he’s bringing home, but the mom has brought up issues with their daughter’s sleeping arrangements in the past. “He currently lives in an unattached garage that doesn’t have a tub/shower and he does not have a bed or even a mattress for my daughter,” she wrote. “This has been an issue since we separated in 2021.”

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She feels as though this situation is like a ‘bomb waiting to go off.’

“I just found out from his friends that he is dating a woman (for about a month) who has a serious history of substance abuse issues and was out of control for a long period of time a few years ago,” she continued. “They think she is sober right now.”

The mom doesn’t have a problem with the fact that he’s dating — she’s actually ecstatic about it since it will take any focus off of her. However, she does have a problem with this woman’s involvement in their daughter’s life.


ex co-sleeping with 4-year-old and dates reddit postPhoto: Reddit

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“His friends also told me that they’ve had to stop talking to my ex because they were witnessing him behave poorly towards my daughter so often,” she revealed. “I had three separate adults tell me that he is a bad father over the weekend.”


As a result of all this, as well as the abuse she experienced in the past that came from him, she decided to confront him about the problems she was having. “I asked for one year of no dating in front of our daughter because of his history of violence… but he told me he can do whatever he wants and to talk to my attorney.”

The good thing is, she did. Well, she talked to her attorney, but her attorney said that it was absolutely not okay. She doesn’t think anything will come from attorneys talking to attorneys, but people in the comments told her to take it a step further — “take his a-- to court.”

With all of the stuff she’s documented as well as potential affidavits from his friends, she could have a case for renegotiating their custody agreement. Hopefully, she can get it done and provide her daughter with a safe place to live when she’s not at her mom’s.


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