Mom Defends Her Sons After Husband Says They Ruined His Daughter's Birthday Days After She Left Hospital

She thought that he 'overacted.'

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Raising kids is hard. It’s even harder when you have multiple children and have to teach them how to be kind to each other.

One mother took to Reddit to find out if she was wrong for defending her son's prank that made their sister cry. 

She shared her story to Reddit’s forum “Am I the A–Hole?”, a place where folks can share stories about conflict and struggle in their lives.

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A mother was surprised when her sons decided to play a prank on their sister for her birthday. 

The post began with the mother revealing that her 14-year-old stepdaughter had just gotten out of the hospital.

“She was in the hospital days prior for a medical issue and now she's better,” she wrote.

When the young teen got out of the hospital, her father decided to throw her a birthday party.


“[Unbeknownst] to me, my boys (16) & (12) decided to pull a funny prank and mess with the birthday cake that they made for her.”

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A father planned a birthday party for their daughter, but she got a horrible surprise inside of her cake. 

“Instead of adding icing on the cake, they added mayonnaise. It didn't go well and my SD's reaction was to cry,” she wrote.

“My husband blew up at the boys for what they did but they said they were just trying to prank her since it's the norm and they always prank each other.”

“My husband said it was the wrong time to do this on her birthday especially after getting out of the hospital,” she continued.


“He told the boys they ruined her birthday but I told him he [exaggerated] with this statement. He got upset and yelled at me for defending this behavior and being an [enabler].” 

She disagreed with her husband's claims saying that “the boys love her” and “that's why they act like this, but my husband was having [none] of it.”

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Folks in the comment section were upset that she didn't enforce boundaries with her sons. 

One user wrote, “RULE OF THUMB….When you 'show love' to people, they don’t generally get reduced to crying.”

“That’s a REAL easy way to know you owe someone an apology,” they continued.


The user decided that she was “the a–hole”, and gave a bit of advice: “you can take this opportunity to help shape your sons into better men! Best of luck.” 

“Unless there was a second cake with actual icing, that’s seriously not a prank. It’s just being an asshole. And I don’t even like cake!” wrote another.

A third wrote, “She just got out of the hospital, and it's her birthday.”


“Unless there was a real cake with real frosting also, this was cruel. And you were defending their actions instead of disciplining them or telling them why what they did was wrong,” they continued.

“Once she started crying, the day was ruined. That's when it stopped being a "fun" prank or joke, and became a problem. Get your children's behavior under control!”

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