Woman Calls Tow Truck On Neighbor Who Keeps Parking In Her Spot — Now The Neighbor Is Threatening To Sue

Verbal altercations, notes left on cars, threatening DMs — all this drama over a parking spot?

woman towing her neighbor's car ginagagliardi_ / TikTok

A woman on TikTok is currently embroiled in an all-out battle with her neighbor over something that should be simple to solve: parking in the wrong, clearly marked parking spot. Instead of simply parking in the right place and calling it a day, the two women are potentially heading to court.

The TikToker says her neighbor has been parking in her reserved parking spot for months, so she had her car towed.

Parking spaces in Gina Gagliardi's complex are clearly marked "Guest" or "Reserved" with an apartment number, but that hasn't stopped one of her neighbors from repeatedly parking in her reserved parking spots, starting all the way back in October 2022, she says.


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The neighbor was granted a reprieve of sorts when Gagliardi previously called the tow truck but she ended up leaving before it arrived. Even after Gagliardi informed her of this, telling her, "the tow truck was about to be here, so can you just not park there anymore, please?" the neighbor was still undeterred.



So the next time she parked in the spot, Gagliardi called the tow truck again. And this time, it went down very differently.


"I have been the nice guy plenty of times, okay?" she said in a TikTok video. "I am done... I called the company. They're coming in an hour... Karma will get her eventually!" Sure enough, moments later the tow truck showed up to tow the woman's car away.

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Now, the neighbor is threatening to sue over the car being towed and has showed up on Gagliardi's doorstep to confront her.

The day after the towing, Gagliardi's morning started off with drama right from the jump. After her neighbor "woke me up from screaming through the window," she then showed up to her door trying to confront her via her Ring doorbell camera.

And that wasn't all. "I woke up this morning to her not only at my Ring, trying to talk to me," Gagliardi said in her follow-up video, "but [she] left a note on my car trying to say that she's gonna sue me because I am making fun of her and her children."


woman has neighbors car towed after parking in her spot threatening to suePhoto: TikTok

She then filmed herself going to get the note from the car, which read, "You want to be cute on TikTok recording my car and my kids, where I live. I'm going to sue your dumb a--. You picked the right one." The neighbor then went on to issue a threat in the note. "Please pray I don't catch you outside, c--t. Weird-a-- bum b---h, see you in court!"

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The neighbor then sent Gagliardi a series of Instagram DMs saying Gagliardi's TikToks have made her and her children unsafe.

"Imagine being asked nicely on multiple occasions not to park your car there since [October] & then get mad when there are finally repercussions LOL," Gagliardi wrote in the caption of yet another video detailing her neighbor's retaliation over the towing incident.

Along with footage of her neighbor standing at her door trying to confront her, and the note in which the neighbor is threatening to sue, Gagliardi included screenshots of a series of DMs her neighbor sent her on Instagram. In the messages, the neighbor demanded Gagliardi delete her video of the towing because she "put me and my kids at risk posting my license plate and where we both live."

She went on to blame the parking incident on a friend who parked her car there by accident, and told Gagliardi, "If you came to my door and actually showed your face I would've opened it and apologized." But then the messages took a rather dark turn.

woman has neighbors car towed after parking in her spot threatening to suePhoto: TikTok


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The neighbor wrote that she is currently "battling a domestic violence situation" and that is why she plans to sue. "I don't feel safe in my home. You've given me extreme anxiety when I have a stalker and someone I'm trying to hide from and you have no idea," she wrote.

She then warned Gagliardi against "[bullying] people on the internet over a damn parking spot when you could have just had a conversation with me."

There is certainly something to be said about violating people's privacy by filming them without their consent — unless you are in immediate danger from the person you're filming, it's almost never a good or appropriate idea, and cases like this are just one extreme reason why.


woman has neighbors car towed after parking in her spot threatening to suePhoto: TikTok

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That's still no excuse for taking someone's parking space, of course, and people on TikTok were pretty unanimously not on the neighbor's side.

"All this because she parked in YOUR spot, people are just nuts," one person wrote, while another pointed out that "she has no case to sue you. Where did you break the law?"

Others weren't even convinced the neighbor was telling the truth about her side of the story, noting that despite claiming to be afraid for her safety and protective of her privacy, her public social media profiles contain numerous pieces of personal information including the locations of her workplaces.

Hopefully, it indeed isn't true and she's not in any actual danger. And hopefully this can be a lesson to all of us: just park in your own dang parking spot!

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