My Friend Is Demanding I Take A Paternity Test Because His Baby Looks Like Me — Was I Wrong To Tell His Wife?

A very uncomfortable situation for all.

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A man’s friend demanded that he take a paternity test amidst suspicions that the friend’s daughter might not actually be his. 

The man shared his story on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest, noting that the entire saga played out over a six-week period at work.

The 23-year-old man said that he has been friends with his 32-year-old coworker, Robert, since he started his job four years ago.

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Robert has four sons with his wife, Danielle, and they all sport their father’s straight blonde hair and tan skin with no freckles. The couple recently welcomed a daughter, Chelsea, but she is the first child to break the trend.

The daughter's appearance made Robert wonder if his friend had fathered a child with his wife.

The daughter has curly red hair and freckles like her mother, but also like the man who wrote the Reddit post.

From the moment he noticed his daughter’s differing appearance, Robert stayed adamant that she would look more like him as she grew.

“Robert goes, ‘Yeah don’t bank on that staying. My genes are strong after all,’” the man wrote.


“Danielle rolled her eyes and I shrugged it off as a weird joke at first, but the entire time I was there, he pretty much kept going on about how his genes would prevail.”

However, three weeks passed and Chelsea still looked just as different. Robert went on and on about how he didn’t understand why she didn’t look like her brothers.

After five days of hearing his coworker complain, the man explained to him that, shockingly, genetics aren’t guaranteed to go a certain way.

Days later, Robert came into work claiming that Chelsea was not his daughter. Furthermore, he accused his wife of cheating on him with the man and that he is actually Chelsea’s dad.


One problem with that, the man is openly gay.

He has a male fiance and his car is adorned with pride stickers, but that didn’t stop Robert from jumping headfirst into conclusions.

“I just couldn’t help but laugh at him, it was just so bizarre and I know I wasn’t the only one looking at him like he was insane either,” the man wrote.

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Robert believed that he was the father because he spends a lot of time with Danielle. The man admits this is true, but because they are both part of his “girlfriend group.”

Robert then starts demanding the man take a paternity test. 

The man rebutted that Robert should take a paternity test for himself, to which he said he wouldn’t pay for a test that he “knows the truth to.” The man also said he wouldn’t pay for a test, leaving the two at an impasse.


He then texted Danielle about what happened. The next day, he woke up to many threatening text messages and missed calls from Robert, who Danielle kicked out after hearing what he’d done and is filing for divorce.

The following morning, Robert said that he would pay for the test and that he would take him to court once “the truth” was revealed. He also blamed the man for destroying his marriage and his life. 

“Idiot really has gone around telling everyone I’m the dad,” the man wrote.

“I agreed to the test and told him he may as well quit his job and just vanish after this because it’s gonna be real embarrassing when I walk in with the paperwork and wave it around saying I’m not the daddy to his red-headed child and he has to explain to everyone including his own children what an absolute idiot he is.”


The man’s friends have acted unusually distant to him since the incident.

They believe him when he says he isn’t the father, but also that he should’ve just gone along with the test rather than escalating the situation as he did. They even went so far as to call him a “trash friend.”

People took issue with how his friends abandoned him like they did. 


“Your friends are morons,” one commenter said.

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