Man Wonders If He's Wrong For Changing The Locks On Girlfriend's Sister & Refusing To Let Her Move In

His girlfriend was sneaky for that.

Man Wonders If He's Wrong For Changing The Locks On Girlfriend's Sister & Refusing To Let Her To Move In Cast Of Thousands | Shutterstock

A frustrated man came to Reddit after an argument with his girlfriend about not allowing her sister to move in and changing the locks.

The question posed was on Reddit’s “AITA,” a subreddit that allows users to share both sides of any nonviolent story or conflict they’re dealing with to gain an outside perspective on the situation.

By posing a question on this subreddit, the original poster (OP) will allow other users to vote and discuss who was in the right and who was wrong.


This young man, in particular, wanted other Reddit users to weigh in on whether or not he was wrong for being too controlling and causing stress.

The young man has been dating his girlfriend Ashton for two years, and while she completes her master’s, he pays for all the housing expenses, and in return, she chips in on groceries, utilities, and some of the household chores.

Ashton’s sister, Anna, lives a pretty disastrous life. She has two kids from two different men, has been married and divorced twice, jumps from one “sketchy” boyfriend to another, is always in and out of work, and constantly complains about her situation instead of doing anything to solve it.


At this point, she has “burned most of her bridges with her family.” This is why she’s come to her sister, Ashton, with her issue.

She’s been dating this man that both the OP and his girlfriend advised against dating because he didn’t seem to like kids. And despite their warnings, she moved in with him. Recently, Anna called her sister, explaining that they had broken up and didn’t have anywhere to go since she didn’t have a job.

When his girlfriend came to him to ask if they could take her sister and her kids in, he said no because “[h]er sister is a leech.” Ashton didn’t take the news too well.

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Her sister tried to speak with him directly.

He told her that he would bring over some food once she found a place, but other than that, he wasn’t allowing her to stay at his house. The next day, at work, he “noticed on [his] ring camera Anna/her kids unlocking [his] front door with a bag on her shoulder.”

When he called Ashton to ask her what was going on, she said, “Anna needed a place to go for a few hours while her ex moved out of the apartment,” She gave her sister a key months ago in case she ever needed to get in.

He threatened to call the police if she didn’t leave his house, so Ashton called him an a-hole before telling her sister to leave the house.


Then, the young man changed the locks to his house and got a new garage access code — which his girlfriend will have to request from him so that he can give her access. And this will continue until her sister finds a place. Many Redditors decided that he was ultimately NTA, “Not the a-hole.”

Redditors responded that though he was NTA, he needed to be careful with his girlfriend because she showed significant red flags.

Others told the OP to slow down and think because the situation could be forgiven—they just needed to set some boundaries.

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Some changed their opinions the more they thought about the situation.

A Redditor by the username “numbersthen0987431” believed the OP to be an “AH” or “a-hole” for giving his girlfriend an ultimatum when she was in a difficult position, but then felt that Ashton secretly copying his house key and giving it to her sister was “a huge issue.”

Another user initially declared that “ESH” or “Everyone sucks here,” believing the young man to be right until he began locking his girlfriend out. They think that the couple should have an adult conversation, while instead, the young man is “being overly controlling” and treating his girlfriend like a dog.


Other Redditors had split decisions.

Redditor “Userdub9022” decided that the young man was “NTA,” but at the same time “ESH.” He wasn’t in the wrong when he chose not to let Ashton’s sister stay, but the young man made the wrong decision when he went back on their deal for their argument.

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Redditors also gave some advice.

User “enbrr” advised OP to get off of Reddit and to leave it be with his girlfriend.

Thankfully for this young man, most Reddit users were on his side and thought he took the necessary precautions to protect his home.

Hopefully, Anna puts herself together and finds a place to live, and the young man and Ashton work things out, but there is no update yet.


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