Man Claims That Women 'Shouldn't Have To Work' Because They're More Likely To Cheat On Their Spouses If They Do

He thinks that men should be the sole breadwinners in their relationships if they want to avoid getting cheated on.

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A man has claimed that women need to stop working if they want to salvage their relationships.

In a TikTok video, a content creator named Orlando made a rather bold statement that men in relationships should strive to be the ones making all of the money, because if they allow their girlfriends and wives to work, they'll regret it.

He claimed that women shouldn't be allowed to work because they are more likely to cheat on their spouses.

In Orlando's video, he explained that he had recently come across a study done by Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people to carry out "discreet affairs," that claimed that women who work in the nursing field are more likely to cheat on their partners.


"Nurses are the most likely profession to cheat on their husbands. Two out of three women who are in the nursing field claim that they've cheated on their husbands at work," Orlando began in his video.

This "study," which is actually a survey, conveniently fails to leave out the statistics on the number of male nurses who cheat on their wives or girlfriends.



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He continued, insisting that allowing women to work in "high stress" and "destructive environments" such as nursing, where "their malleable feminine soul becomes degraded," will leave them with no other option but to cheat on their spouses.

"The nurse is surrounded by death, destruction, famine, filth, depression, [and] depravity. What do you think that does to the feminine spirit?" he remarked, adding that on top of that, nurses are working almost 18-hour shifts and experiencing high-stress levels that will eventually turn women into "nihilists."

"She'll place no value on life and all of the principles that she should live her life by. In that scenario, [do] you think she's gonna abide by the sanctity of marriage or loyalty? No. Therefore, she's gonna cheat on you," he said.

He advised that men should be the ones making the most money in their relationships to avoid getting cheated on.

Orlando recommended that for men to avoid being cheated on, the most obvious solution would be for them to start becoming the breadwinners and not let their girlfriends or wives work.


"I've been telling guys [to] make your money so that you could provide for your women so [they] shouldn't have to work. In fact, pay for everything, bro. All the bills. That's all you gotta do," he claimed. Orlando even advised men who are unable to afford that type of lifestyle to move out of metropolitan cities, where the cost of living is too high.

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He boldly stated that "there's a good chance" that if men don't start doing this and following his advice, their women are going to have no problem leaving them one day. 

"She's not built to tolerate these high-stress environments and she doesn't have to. If you don't effectively provide now, you're useless," he continued. "Go let your woman get a job. You're effectively allowing her to cheat on you."


Telling women they shouldn't be working because they're more likely to cheat is both problematic and not a solution to handling infidelity.

Orlando making the blanket statement that women should "stop working" because they are more likely to cheat on their spouses if they work long hours is not only problematic but also deeply misogynistic. It implies that women are the only ones susceptible to disloyalty because they have jobs — but what about men?

With this thought process, we should also be encouraging men to quit their jobs, but of course, that wouldn't happen because the issue of infidelity seems to only be an issue perpetuated by women, at least according to Orlando.

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Suggesting that men should be the sole breadwinners and financially support their partners also implies that women should be dependent on men, which disregards the financial independence and self-determination that many women seek through their careers. It also perpetuates traditional gender roles that have been rightfully challenged in recent decades.


Telling women to quit their jobs doesn't solve problems of infidelity in relationships either. If someone wants to cheat on their partners, they'll do it whether they are employed or not, whether they are a man or woman.

Cheating isn't relegated to a specific gender, nor is it always a product of working long-hour shifts at a job. 

At its core, Orlando's PSA to all men in relationships is just another opportunity to force outdated gender norms onto women and imply that their worth is more favored when their only duties are to be a "doting wife" or mother, rather than someone with their own work ethic, motivations, and identities.

Instead of resorting to divisive and misguided advice, we should be encouraging open and empathetic conversations in our relationships. Men and women in relationships should uplift the other person and support their dreams and aspirations, instead of trying to limit them and control their right to be their own person.


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