Man Gets 'Grabby' At The Bar & The Victim's Friend Gets Revenge By Groping Him Back

The world will be a better place when they learn to keep their hands to themselves.

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As a woman, you may have experienced a man feeling like he has ownership over your body. He may have violated your personal space, tried to control your physical movements, or, in the worst cases, assaulted you.

That’s exactly what happened to one woman during a night out at the club with a group of her girlfriends.

A woman shared what happened to her friend during a night out and how she got revenge on her friend’s aggressor.

In the post on Reddit, it all started when a group of men walked past the ladies, and the poster noticed that her friend looked extremely uncomfortable. After inquiring, she found out that one of the men had groped her friend.


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When she learned that the man had grabbed her friend’s rear end, she asked her to point out the guy who did it and followed the group inside to confront him. Once in close proximity, she said, “Hey! Did you grab my girlfriend’s [behind]?”

The man, unmoved by her aggression, simply smirked and said, “Yeah, so?” according to the Redditor.

Stunned and angered by his response, the woman reached down and grabbed him by the privates hard while sarcastically asking him if he liked being grabbed by strangers. But she didn’t stop there.


After noticing his friends laughing and whipping out their cell phones to record the incident, she took it a step further and went in for a kiss, prompting a disgusted look from the predator turned victim.

Security laughed at the incident and escorted her outside. They said that although they found what she did funny, the situation had already been addressed and her actions were unnecessary.

They didn’t officially kick her out of the club but strongly suggested she head on home. There was no word on what happened to the man in question.

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What did happen is a ton of skepticism about her story, which some readers found to be unbelievable. In response to their doubts, she said, “Y’all are so annoying, nothing I can say will make you believe my story so what’s the point in trying?”

She expressed her frustration and told commenters that it was not her problem if they didn’t believe her.

Woman being touched without permission is no rare occurrence.

Commenters shared their own stories about violations they had also suffered at the hands or privileged men they didn’t know.

The first person who responded to the post shared her own story of her friend being touched inappropriately at a bar. But in that case, a man who was present stood up for her and tossed the guy out of the establishment and into a dumpster where he belonged.


Another woman said she had been at a house party sitting on a couch when she was violated in a totally different way. A man who sat down near her threw up all over her and was removed from the party by one of his friends.

The common denominator in all of these stories is a man who simply did not know how to keep his hands to himself and respect a woman’s personal space or boundaries. The world will be a much better place when people learn to just leave other people alone.

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