Man Says That Him Not Showering Is Equivalent To His Girlfriend Not Shaving Her Legs

He argues that his girlfriend never does "normal" things that women do, including wearing make-up and shaving her legs.

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A man started a heated debate after he compared his showering routine to his girlfriend’s shaving routine. 

Shots were fired after his girlfriend told him that it was “gross” not to take a shower before attending a wedding. However, he believed that his girlfriend’s lack of shaving of her body hair was just as, if not, even more off-putting than not showering. 

Naturally, people flocked to the comments section of the man’s post to share their own opinions regarding the matter (and most of them were not in favor of his thoughts)! 


The man compared him not showering to his girlfriend not shaving her legs. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the man revealed that his girlfriend is someone he describes as “high maintenance.” 

“She doesn't wear makeup or do fancy things with her hair, but she's always spending money on creams and oils and masks or whatever to put on her face and skin,” the man wrote. “She is also very controlling when it comes to me and my apartment…  It's not like there are dead rats in the corners of the place but she doesn't like the occasional sweater thrown on the floor or dishes in the sink and she's always telling me to stop doing that.” 


Additionally, the man claims that his girlfriend does not shave the hair on her legs. However, he has refrained from making comments about her life choices — until one evening when his girlfriend slept over at his apartment as they were attending a wedding together the next morning and he lived closer to the venue.

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The man decided that he would take a shower the next morning before going to the wedding. However, that didn’t end up happening.

“In the morning when we were getting ready, I decided not to shower because I overslept and thought that washing my face and putting on some cologne and deodorant would be more than sufficient,” the man wrote. His girlfriend did not agree with his decision, arguing that it was unhygienic. “My girlfriend obviously protested saying that I was gross,” he shared. 


The man decided to fire back at his girlfriend’s remarks. 

“I got pretty annoyed and told her that it's gross that she doesn't shave her legs because it's a huge turn-off and it's disgusting,” he wrote. “It's bad enough that she doesn't wear makeup or heels or normal things girls are supposed to do.” 

The man and his girlfriend got into a heated argument. “Things escalated and she got mad, saying that not showering was not the same thing as not shaving, especially if guys are not expected to shave,” the man wrote. He then became even more agitated when his girlfriend changed from slacks and a blouse to a knee-length dress that showed off her unshaven legs even more. 

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“Besides this issue, everything with my girlfriend is great and we're compatible on honestly every other aspect of life,” he added. “I don't often comment on her legs, but this was a WEDDING!” 

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As one person put it, “Showering is hygiene shaving is cosmetic. You can’t compare them."

Despite the man’s controversial beliefs, medical professionals advise people to shower regularly for health benefits including improving immune function, increasing blood flow, cleaning the skin cells, and washing away bacteria that may cause rashes and skin irritations. Showering also maintains cleanliness and hygiene. 

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Shaving on the other hand has no proven health benefits and leg hair has nothing to do with one’s hygiene. In fact, in most cultures, women do not shave off their body hair (but they most likely shower often!). Not shaving will even save you money, time, and effort! 

Unlike showering, shaving is not a responsibility that will affect your health (and your peer’s nostrils). It is no one else’s place or decision but yours as to whether or not you want to shave your body hair, and it is a personal choice that no one should be shamed over. 

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