Man Refuses To Share Dinner With His Girlfriend Who Doesn't Have The Means To Get Her Own

“Tough luck” mentality.

Man refused to share his meal with his girlfriend Alex Green / Pexels

In a relationship, you sometimes have to sacrifice your own wants and needs for your partner. Oftentimes, it's essential to make a sacrifice since it can show dedication to your partner and your relationship. However, it appears one guy from Reddit doesn’t really understand that notion.

A man refused to share a portion of his large meal with his girlfriend.

A man posted to the brutally honest and open subreddit r/AmITheA**Hole and shared his recent experience of not sharing his meal with his girlfriend. In his post, he shared that he and his girlfriend live in the west village in NYC and are able to purchase surprise meals from restaurants through an app. He explained that the surprise bags are way cheaper than normal menu-priced meals and that restaurants do this “in order to reduce food waste.” He wrote in his post that he liked the gamble, and it's nice to get normally very expensive meals for 3x cheaper.


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He shared that before he had ordered his surprise bag from a barbeque restaurant, he had asked his girlfriend if she wanted anything. He wrote, “I texted my girlfriend asking if she wanted one but she said no, she wasn't in the mood for barbecue." 

He mentioned that his girlfriend ordered the same gamble-like meal from an Indian restaurant not too far from the barbeque place. Therefore, he picked up both meals and brought them both back home.

When he got home, he unpacked his bags and wrote, “I was psyched about my bag. Since I paid $12 I knew the value had to be at least $36, but honestly, the platter looked a lot more expensive. This was a hit.” However, his girlfriend, “was less lucky.” 


His girlfriend was disappointed in her meal and asked him if he could share his meal with her.

man did not share his large meal with gf that had nothingPhoto: Reddit

In response to her wish, he wrote, “No, I'm hungry, I offered to buy you some already and you said no, so I'm going to devour it.” He then told her that she should order from a delivery food service, but she didn’t have the money for it. He wrote in his post, “I know that she’s running a bit of a lean financial picture right now.”

He then offered to walk to a bodega on their street to buy her something there. She politely declined and said that she wanted a hot meal. He responded to this and said, "She has soup."


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He explained that his girlfriend didn't have the financial or physical means to get another meal.

“Another bit of context is that we live on a 4th-floor walkup with no elevator and she broke her leg in a car accident a month ago, so it can be tough for her to get around,” the man wrote.

He offered a few reasons to explain why he doesn’t think he’s in the wrong such as how he offered to buy her food from the barbeque place, offered to buy her something from the bodega, and how “she picked out her own food.” However, many in the comments disagree with his reasoning and say that in relationships, the “tough luck” mentality is toxic. 

One user wrote, “The reason he should do this is because in a normal relationship you want good things for your partner, and you don't want them to go without, especially when you have enough to share.”


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Others called him “petty” because it was a gamble, and she wasn’t guaranteed to like her food. With her circumstances of having a broken leg and poor finances, getting food from somewhere else was out of her control. 

One person specifically wrote, “Were you technically correct? Perhaps, but you could have shared something with someone you allegedly care about.”

Many agreed he was in the wrong. Instead of both parties going to bed happy, he spent the night thinking about whether he was wrong or not. The situation could have been fixed easily.


Sacrifices are incredibly important in relationships because it shows how dedicated you are to your partner. Hopefully, he learned his lesson from the conflict that this situation created.

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