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Man Asks Pregnant Wife To Stop Posting Photos Of Her Belly On Instagram, Says She Needs To 'Tone It Down'

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"My wife is currently pregnant and she's been really 'marketing' it on her Instagram, almost every story or post involves showing off a photo of her belly and I'm really fed up with it," a man started a confessional posted to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA).

The subreddit is an online forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them.

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He told his pregnant wife to 'tone it down' and stop posting photos of her belly on Instagram.

In his Reddit post, he expressed discontent after routinely checking his wife's Instagram page only to see that she constantly posts about being pregnant.

"I've had to work a lot more, some weeks I'm not home for a good chunk of the week. I used to feel pretty happy checking her Instagram stories," he revealed.

When he checks his wife's social media nowadays, he claimed that her content is "boring" and never changes.

He even pointed out that many of her friends have started to think the same way.

"Her friends are starting to get fed up with it, she recently posted a picture that was just her smiling and one of her friends commented, 'You look lovely, glad it's not another belly pic.'"

He finally decided to talk to his wife about the photos she posts of her bump, telling her that he would prefer if she would "tone it down" since everyone already knows she's pregnant.

"I would really prefer if she would go back to what she did before on Instagram," he remarked.

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It didn't take long before the two got into an argument, where she argued that if he didn't like looking at what she posted that he didn't have to continuously check her Instagram profile.

While he acknowledges that his wife is excited about being pregnant and just wants to share it with her followers on Instagram, he just doesn't like seeing it broadcasted on social media.

"I really felt I needed to tell her to tone it down. I don't [want] her posting [our] child's face all over social media either," he concluded.

A majority of Reddit users agreed he was in the wrong for reprimanding his pregnant wife.

"I mean unfollow her if it bothers you and your friends that much. Her body, her choice," one user wrote.

"Unless you or your kids are in the pictures, you don't say what she can post on her Instagram."

Another user added, "You should ask yourself why it bothers you that she’s happy to be carrying your child and wants to show it off, so much so that you’re willing to crush her happiness over something this harmless."

"Your wife is absolutely correct that she can post whatever she wants on her personal Instagram," a third user pointed out.

"She is your wife, not your infant child. The level of control you are trying to exert over her is disturbing."

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