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Man Calls 5-Month Pregnant Fiancée 'Heartless' After She Refuses To Search For His Dog That Runs Away Regularly

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Not long after getting into a bit of an argument with his fiancée over their dog running away, one man decided to post on the “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) subreddit in order to figure out if he was overreacting.

His fiancée, being 5 months pregnant, has been suffering through symptoms of exhaustion and nausea but had still found some time to help her husband search for their dog in the past.

This time, however, his fiancée had had enough of searching for the dog and put her own health first, upsetting the man in the process.

He told her that he was ‘disappointed’ in his decision to ‘be with someone so heartless.’

Before his one-sided yelling match with his fiancée, he explained the situation and the situation with their dog who simply could not stop escaping their home.

“My dog (6yo Heeler/Corgi mix) runs off at least once a week,” he started his explanation. “Usually, my [fiancée] will help me find her but it's not without protest. I honestly didn't even know how she was getting out of our fenced yard so I installed cameras and found that she was scaling the 8ft fence.”

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Despite the tall fence, their dog continued escaping, so he decided to install a roll bar to the top of the fence, hoping that it would keep the dog in, but it didn’t work.

“I brought her out today and was playing with her when my phone rang,” he explains. “I was inside just long enough to grab my phone and my dog had gotten out.”

He immediately decided to search for his dog on his own, but after exhausting a decent bit of time searching, he decided to come back home to enlist his fiancée’s help.

“She immediately said no,” he wrote. “She said she was tired of chasing the dog, that she isn't dealing with it anymore, and that I should have been out there watching her.”

He wrote that he can’t even say it was unexpected since his fiancée is always complaining about the search, but he still believes it was wrong of her to refuse.

“After maybe a half hour I came back and asked her again to come help me and she snapped ‘I said no!’” he explains. “‘I am so tired of chasing that dog around multiple times a week when I'm already exhausted and throwing up constantly.’”

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In a panic, he unleashed some of his own yelling because she refused to help in his search.

“I was panicked and unleashed some yelling, which involved me telling her she was a b--ch who lacked empathy and that I was thoroughly disappointed with my decision to be with someone so heartless,” he continued.

His remorse is clear, and he claims that once he had found the lost pup he apologized to her, which prompted her to say “Go f--k yourself.”

He claims that everyone is on his side except his sister, who said he’s a “f--king prick” because it’s not his fiancée’s responsibility to “chase around your f--king mutt” — implying that his fiancée should leave him.

Thousands of comments proved to him that he should add Reddit to the list of people not on his side.

The top comment out of the 3,000+ comments directly criticizes his inability to train his own dog properly, calling him the “a--hole” for that alone.

“At that point, YOU are the AH [a--hole] for not [training] him better,” they wrote. “Rehome him, he deserves a better owner. She is right, that is not an emergency, that is a habit.”

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“I'd leave you over this, 100%,” another user wrote, agreeing with his sister. “This is abusive behavior that is not excused by the fact you were panicking.” 

“You clearly have no idea how to keep your dog from running away, but that is NOT your fiancée's problem, and if I were her I'd be utterly sick of you too.”

A third commenter pointed out that he’s the one that’s truly lacking in empathy as he’s seemingly unaware (or simply uncaring) of her situation.

“YOU are the one who lacks empathy,” they write. “She feels sick and you berate her to find a dog that YOU lost? Then when she doesn't follow your command, you start verbally assaulting her? Check yourself.”

Hopefully, these Reddit comments were the wake-up call he needed, because one day he may find himself without a dog or a wife due to his own problematic behavior.

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